The VersaUV LEC is Now Bigger and Better
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The new VersaUV LED inkjet printer/cutter is now available in a 54" format. Based on award-winning VersaUV technology, the LEC-540 prints CMYK + White + Clear and contour cuts virtually any substrate up to 1 mm (0.04") thick for luxurious, custom graphics with unique special effects and finishes.

The LEC-540 is the third model in Roland's VersaUV series. It is faster than previous VersaUV models and offers greater versatility for applications ranging from packaging prototypes, short-run labels and membrane panels to interior d├ęcor items, point of purchase (POP) displays and large-format window graphics. It prints on a wide variety of flexible and rigid media, including
synthetic paper, polyester film, paper and vinyl banner media, PET, leather, plastic, polycarbonates and paper boards.

In high quality mode, the LEC-540 prints 25 percent faster than the 30" LEC-330 due to new larger UV-LED lamps that expedite production and automatically reposition themselves for high-speed performance and the highest image quality in all print modes. The LEC is offered in three ink configurations and features the Roland OnSupport system which allows remote monitoring of production activities.

VersaUV LEC  - LEC-540, LEC-330