Message for Shareholders and Investors

Message for Shareholders and Investors

May 2016 marks 35 years since the founding of Roland DG. Our company was born the year the world’s first personal computer went on sale. We were there for the advent of digital technology and computing, and attention was quickly drawn to the great possibilities it could bring. At Roland DG, we had faith that digital technology could be used to reform all industries and digitalize manual work processes, and we turned that conviction into industry first and world’s first products that drove automation. Then, through overseas groups we were able to develop our global business and now deliver products and services worldwide to over 200 countries and regions.

Now, in recent years, we are experiencing the rise of the IoT and AI, what many are calling the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are rising to the challenge this Industry 4.0 presents by working towards a new era where people, things and data are all connected via network. As we cultivate markets utilizing new digital technology, we find ourselves back at the time of our founding—a time where sustainable growth through business creation and a shift of business model were necessary to survive. We are in a new era that demands reform through innovation. We have developed the new medium-term business plan for the next 5 years starting from 2016 with “sustainable growth by innovation” as a principal philosophy(*). In the new business plan, we have three key goals: Accelerate new business development in growing markets, Transform into a solutions partner, and Transform into an innovation-focused group. Then, we aim for sustainable growth by continuing to innovate and being poised to flexibly respond to market changes.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance as we move forward together.

Midterm Business Plan(FY2016 to FY2020) (PDF: 256KB)

Masahiro  Tomioka
Masahiro Tomioka

Hidenori Fujioka
Hidenori Fujioka

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