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Here are photos, videos and comments about the new DWX-4W from visitors attending dental conferences and exhibits worldwide. To see the DWX-4W in action, please visit one of the exhibits listed below. The Roland DG team consists of knowledgeable and friendly staff members from around the world who are eager to assist you with any questions you may have.

LMT LAB DAY Chicago 2015

Event Dates | February 27-28, 2015

LMT LAB DAY is the main event for the dental lab and CAD/CAM industry in the Americas, attracting both domestic and international customers. Held in a new, larger location, 3500 attendees flocked to see the latest in dental industry. Excitement was abuzz as dealers and customers both came to see the new DWX-4W wet mill as well as our flagship DWX-50 dental milling machine. We can't wait for the official product release, and it seems neither can our customers!


Brian Brooks
Product Manager, Dental Solutions
Roland DGA Corporation
What Our Users are Saying:
Resellers, partners and customers were all excited to see the new wet mill from Roland DG saying, "We have been waiting for this solution from Roland DG!" The wait is almost over. The wet mill will soon be here!

IDS 2015

Event Dates | March 10 - 14

  • "I am completely pleased with its ability to fulfill small lot and custom orders with a short lead time as well as accomplish the same quality results as performed with the high-spec machines, we'll be sure to have the DWX-4W too."

    Sebastian | Quality control manager of milling center | Luxemburg

  • "I like the CAM software which is specifically designed for the DWX-4W because of its simple interface and easy to operate nature."

    Bayram | Roland DG dealer | Turkey

  • "The DWX-4W is more compact, silent and sophisticated than the wet milling machine our laboratory currently owns."

    Gerald | Dental laboratory | France

  • "Milling up to three different materials continuously in one operation would definitely be productive for lab technicians."

    Stefano | Roland DG dealer | Italy

  • "I was excited about seeing the new DWX-4W firsthand and surprised that it was smaller than I'd imagined."

    Quirijn Bakker | DentalCam | Netherlands

  • "It's very efficient to have a seperate machine for wet and dry milling."

    Tomonari Okawa | Master dental technitian | Germany

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Roland DG is thrilled about its participation at the International Dental Show. Shown to the European public for the first time, the upcoming DWX-4W wet milling machine was received really positively by visitors. The existing range of fast-selling dry milling solutions also continued to be highly popular. The user-friendliness, reliability, open architecture and compact size were mentioned by visitors as the most-valued features. The success of the show underlines Roland DG's growing success in the dental market and sets high expectations for the future.


Marie Swinnen
Communication Coordinator, Central Europe
Roland DG Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
What Our Users are Saying:
Quirijn from DentalCam: "I find it quite compact and well-designed. I had a look at the weight and it's rather heavy, which is good for the stability. We have DWX-50 and DWX-4 machines and this is one we will certainly add. I think that it's marvelous!"

36th Australian Dental Congress

Event Dates | March 25 - 29

  • "The DWX 4W is a very compact mill with a modern, slimline look. I particularly like the enclosed water tank. The new Easy Shape software will make it even more easy for labs and clinics to be able to mill crowns, inlays and onlays with very little CAM knowledge required."

    Quentin Daniels | Henry Schein Halas | Australia

  • "It's silent, beautiful, and compact. I cannot wait to get one in my lab."

    Terry Whitty | Trueline Dental Lab | Australia

  • "DWX-4W will make a fantastic addition to my dental lab, sitting next to my DWX-50."

    Dr. Quentin Rahaus | Grass Roots Dental | Australia

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Australian Dental Congress (ADC) is an expo for clinics or dentists. The last show was in 2013. At this show, there was a lot more interest from the clinics in CAD/CAM with a lot of them wanting to bring basic crown, inlay and onlay work in house. There were also some who want to do more advanced applications. All the major players in the dental industry were exhibiting.


Shane Adams
Distributor Sales Manager, Roland DG Australia Pty. Ltd.
What Do You Like About the DWX-4W?:
The DWX-4W is an easy unit to use. The new Easy Shape software makes milling an stl file simple and anybody can learn how to mill in minutes. The self-contained 3 liter water tank makes for easy filling and refilling with no mess. Cleaning the machine is fast and simple and, together with the low noise, makes using the DWX-4W a breeze.

Dental South China International Expo 2015

Event Dates | April 5 - 8

  • "We are very happy that Roland DG developed the DWX-4W wet milling machine to work with our glass ceramics for a perfect CAD/CAM dental solution. "

    Nicholas Li | Shenzhen Upcera Dental Technology Co., Ltd | China

  • "Roland DG products always provide high quality and good stability. We believe this consistent quality will also be evident in the DWX-4W. We can't wait for the product launch. "

    Paul Shao | Trustworthy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd | China

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Dental South China is one of the earliest and most popular dental shows in China. This year's exhibition attracted 821 exhibitors from 26 countries and regions, and more than 45,000 professionals from 90 countries and regions. Roland DG (China) experienced great attention due to excitement over the DWX-4W wet mill, the Easy Shape brand and other DWX series dental products.


Sun Li
Product Manager, Dental Solution, Roland DG (China) Corporation
What Do You Like About the DWX-4W?:
It is compact and easy to use and the design fits well with Chinese preferences. The one touch panel makes it easy to operate. The open system allows you to use it with many brands of popular CAD/CAM software. The coolant compartment and water filtration make maintenance easy.


Event Dates | May 1 - 2

LMT LAB DAY West was the West Coast stop for the exciting new Roland DG DWX-4W wet milling prototype. As a dental market innovator, Roland DG took the unique approach to product development by giving customers a sneak peak of their newest product design. Feedback gathered during the worldwide tour has been compiled and fed back to the engineering team to be applied to the final production. Roland DG leads the way by listening to customers and incorporating features to maximize productivity, ease of use and return on investment.


Glenn Kennedy
Business Development Manager, Dental Solutions
Roland DGA Corporation
What Do You Like About the DWX-4W?:
What I like best about the DWX-4W is that it complements our DWX-50 Dry Mill so well. These two unique and dedicated machines allow our customers to say "YES!" to producing restorations using a wide range of popular materials.

Amici di Brugg 2015

Event Dates | May 21- 23

  • "We hope the DWX-4W will be available soon as we've always known Roland DG as a reliable and high quality brand, we expect the new machine will achieve the same standards as the earlier ones, we really hope to have the chance to try it soon."

  • "We've been waiting for the wet milling from Roland DG. Now the range of machines is complete! The wet milling machine will enable us to mill the materials the dry system couldn't."

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Amici di Brugg in Rimini is one of the most popular dental shows in Italy. This year's conference attracted numerous exhibitors from many countries and regions all over the world. The booth was designed with the new machine in mind and to communicate that Roland DG now has the complete range of DWX series.


Francesca Argieri
Dental Market Sales Department
Roland DG Mid Europe S.R.L.
What Do You Like About the DWX-4W?:
User - friendly, simple workflow, open architecture and a really nice design.
High - performance Jaeger DentaDrive spindle which can support precision milling of glass ceramics or composite resins. The DWX-4W and its water filtration system are easy for maintenance and use.

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