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“DRESS IT YOURSELF (D.I.Y.)” concept was introduced by SVOA Public Co., Ltd. with PCs that are customized with graphics created by the Roland VersaCAMM. Using VersaCAMM, SVOA has turned its laptop computers into fashionable, trendy electronic gadgets which stand out from the other brands on their market. Since the introduction of D.I.Y. concept in the beginning of 2006, SVOA laptop computer sales have had an impressive growth. VersaCAMM graphics transform the company into an industry leader.
– SVOA Public Co., Ltd. A computer company and Roland Master Distributor in Bangkok, Thailand
At the office of AppleCentre@Orchard, Roland’s VersaCAMM SP-300V is grooving along, employed in an innovative new application: the production of custom iPod skins. This new business is the brainchild of Johnson Goh, a director of AppleCentre@Orchard and it started to get a response from people who decide to customize their iPods with photos of their pets and loved ones. In addition to iPod stickers, Johnson also relies on the VersaCAMM to produce in-house marketing and promotional items. This added versatility has proven to be very advantageous, giving him the flexibility to respond immediately to changes or updates when he receives last-minute information on certain promotions.
– AppleCentre@Orchard, Singapore

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