The power of 3D Modeling on your Desktop
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Seeing your ideas take shape has always been the dream of the 3D designer. Today's powerful, lower-cost CAD workstations and software help make this dream a reality as never before. The reality is, however, it can still take days or weeks to go from a CAD drawing to having a part, mold, or prototype. But not any longer. Now Roland's MDX-20 and MDX-15 put you in control with the power of 3D scanning and milling on your desktop.

Easy-to-use and compatible with many popular 3D CAD software programs, the MDX-20/15 is an affordable, all-in-one scanning and milling device, perfect for a variety of product design tasks, from model and jewelry making to molds, rapid prototyping, small lot production and package design. Use it to test and modify your designs, reducing errors, time and cost.


MODELA Model: MDX-20
MODELA Model: MDX-15
Max operation area :
203.2 mm (X) x 152.4 mm (Y) x 60.5 mm (Z)
Max operation area :
152.4 mm (X) x 101.6 mm (Y) x 60.5 mm (Z)



1. Easy-to-Use, Compact Design

The MDX-20/15's stylish good looks and compact size make it an attractive addition to your desktop. Yet, it is also a very powerful performer, one that is surprisingly easy to use, even for first time users. Just plug it in to your computer as you would a desktop printer with an RS-232C cable. By following the simple instructions included in PDF format, even a beginner can be scanning and milling in minutes.

2. Choose from Two Models

MDX-20 Maximum work area:
203.2mm(X) x 152.4mm (Y) x 60.5mm (Z)
8 in. (X) x 6 in. (Y) x 2-3/8 in. (Z)
MDX-15 Maximum work area:
152.4 mm (X) x 101.6 mm (Y) x 60.5 mm (Z)
6 in. (X) x 4 in. (Y) x 2-3/8 in. (Z)

3. Compatible with Popular Software

Adding to its functionality, the MDX-20/15 works with a variety of popular 3D CAD and computer graphics software programs, including SolidWorks®, Rhinoceros®, VectorWorks®, LightWave®, VisualMill and 3d Studio Max®, allowing you to design in the program you're most comfortable with.

4. 3D Scanning and Milling in One

The MDX-20/15 is the culmination of over ten years of innovative product development in scanning and milling by Roland engineers. Utilizing innovative Roland Active Piezo Sensor (R.A.P.S.) technology, the MDX-20/15 is a precision 3D scanner, capable of scanning objects at 4 to 15 mm per second with a resolution of up to 0.05 mm (0.002"). Selecting the sensor unit with the spindle turns the MDX-20/15 into a powerful CNC mill capable of cutting light metals, including aluminum and brass.

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