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Design Cutter STiKA Model SX-15/12/8

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Cutting-Edge Vinyl Graphics for Store, Office, School or Home

STIKA's SX series of vinyl cutters offer the quality, durability and versatility necessary to meet the needs of everyone from the first-time user to the seasoned professional. And, with Dr. STIKA PLUS and Roland CutChoice™ software, designing adhesive vinyl letters, decals, P.O.P. displays and signage has never been easier!
For cutting-edge graphics - right from your desktop computer - look no further than STIKA.
Click to download the brochure PDF (445KB)Download the brochure (445KB)
1. Design your graphics
on your computer using
the software package
included with the machine.
2. Select "Print" from the File menu. STIKA cuts out your design. 3. Peel away the excess
4. Apply the graphics.

STIKA Says It All
Signs, displays and labels play an important role in our everyday lives. Whether you need storefront signage, vehicle decals or labels for your store, office, school or home, STIKA design cutters enable you to quickly and easily create eye-popping graphics. STIKA offers three models: the compact SX-8 which can accommodate 215mm-wide (8-7/16") vinyl; the STIKA SX-12, for 305mm-wide (12") vinyl; and the new, versatile STIKA SX-15, which cuts both 305 mm- (12") and 381mm-wide (15") vinyl more than two and one half times faster than the SX-8 or SX-12! Whatever you need, in whatever format you want, STIKA says it all!

SX-15 is more than twice as fast (2.5 X) as the SX-8 or SX-12!
With a cutting speed of 100mm/sec. (4"/sec.), the SX-15 delivers fast, beautiful vinyl graphics on a larger scale. The SX-15 is versatile, too, accommodating both 304mm (12") and 388mm (15") widths.


  • Complete. Software is included so that you can create attention-getting signage and stickers right out of the box.
  • Portable. Lightweight, compact design allows you to create signage anywhere and everywhere.
  • Easy to use. Even beginners will find that colorful graphics and signage are easy to design, cut and adhere.
  • Versatile. Includes STIKA driver for Windows® 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP to enable easy cutting from your favorite graphics programs. Dr. STIKA Plus software also allows you to import graphics from BMP and TWAIN-scanned files.
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Everyday signage that's attractive and functional
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