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BEYOND IMAGINATION  Versatile performance that powers your imagination

VersaCAMM, the most popular wide-format inkjet printer for sign and durable graphics users around the world, has been reborn with superior performance to meet the needs of sign and graphics professionals.
The versatile VersaCAMM VS-i series features the new high-density ECO-SOL MAX 2 ink available in CMYKLcLm, white, metallic and light black, a range of usability enhancements to improve ease of use, world leading integrated contour cutting, and of course, exceptional print quality rivaling
that of a high-end machine.
Go beyond your imagination and turn your ideas into reality with the exceptional quality and greater versatility of the new VersaCAMM VS-i.

VS-640 Print&Cut

Select the best ink configuration for your business.

8 Colors:CMYKLcLm + Light Black (Lk) + White (Wh)
8 Colors:CMYKLcLm + Light Black (Lk) + Metallic Silver (Mt)
8 Colors:CMYKLcLm + White (Wh) + Metallic Silver (Mt)
7 Colors:CMYKLcLm + Light Black (Lk) *Must insert cleaning cartridge.
4 Colors:Double CMYK
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The World is Metallic. Increase your profits with metallic color.

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