Roland DG's Approach to Producing Lasting Value by Promoting Individual Creativity

  • With access to so many material objects around us these days, it is easy to become detached from the true value that these objects are designed to provide. Shopping trends suggest that consumers are shifting their focus from acquiring actual physical possessions, to seeking a greater sense of value through experiences.

    Roland DG believes that this type of consumer demand stems from the feelings and ideas of the individual consumer acquiring those products or services in which they are actually involved in creating. Picturing the exact moment and the way a consumer discovers that special spark of excitement is what drives innovation at Roland DG: providing customers with the opportunity to experience "COTO-ZUKURI" as their creative ideas take shape.

  • Case Studies

    Roland DG provides a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy a truly unique creative experience through collaborative events.

  • Roland DG combines vehicles with its digital tools to create a unique experience at Honda showroom

    Roland DG's custom vehicle complete with UV printers and other tools was unveiled at the Honda showroom in Tokyo. Visitors were able to have portraits and facial photos printed on acrylic to create one-of-a-kind car-shaped key chains as a souvenir.

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    ME and Honda × cotodesign event movie

  • URBAN RESEARCH brand shop in Omotesando Hills, Tokyo

    Vogue magazine held their annual "Fashion's Night Out 2018" event at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo. Roland DG collaborated with URBAN RESEARCH fashion brand shop for the event and visitors were presented with personalized coasters made by our UV printers.

    VOGUE FASHION'S NIGHT OUT × cotodesign event movie

  • A collaborative events between WILD-1 outdoor shop and fam outdoor magazine

    One-of-a-kind lantern-shaped key chains designs with visitors' names were printed out using our UV printer and then handed to visitors as gifts.

    fam × cotodesign event movie