Shareholder Return and Dividend

Dividend policy

We believe in prioritizing profit returns for shareholders, and therefore we will work to maintain the stability of those returns in light of our performance. At the same time, from a mid-to-long term standpoint, since we must allocate funds for future investments in equipment, R&D and sales, we are working to bolster our internal reserves, prepare the required capital, and strengthen the constitution of our business.

In terms of actual policy, we will aim for a dividend payout ratio of 30% by reviewing policies and returning profits based on performance, while also taking into account the future of our business development.

In terms of dividends in the FY2019, both interim payout is 25 yen and year-end payouts is 50 yen per share based on the above basic polity.

Payout ratio

Changes in dividend amount per share

Changes in dividend amount per share

Shareholder benefits

Shareholders listed on the shareholder roster and the roster of actual shareholders as at the end of December each year, who hold at least one lot (100 shares) of company shares may choose one product from a Shareholder Benefits Catalog which lists premium products from around the world (3,000 yen equivalent).

Shareholder Benefits Catalog (2020 version)

Shareholder Benefits Catalog

(Left: Catalog cover page, Right: Example of listed products)