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Roland DG Introduces the DWX-4, the World's Smallest Dental Milling Machine


Hamamatsu, Japan, October 2, 2013 Roland DG Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of 3D engraving and milling technologies, is expanding its DWX series of dental milling machines with a new model, the DWX-4. At a highly affordable price point, the DWX-4 provides the dental industry with highly precise milling capabilities, exceptional ease of use and a compact, desktop footprint.

"Recently, the art of dentistry has been revolutionized by the introduction of advanced scanners, CAD/CAM software and CNC milling machines, which together automate and expedite the production of precision custom dental prosthetics," said Takuro Hosome, Roland DG medical business sales manager. "These systems have been adopted primarily by large dental laboratories that have the expertise and the space to operate them. The DWX-4 opens up this technology to small and mid-sized labs by providing an affordable, easy-to-use production platform that delivers the same high-precision milling technology as conventional models, but at half the size."

The DWX-4 is designed so that even first-time users of a digital milling machine can easily create precision prosthetics. The workflow is simple. After installing the material and milling tools in the machine, lab technicians use Roland's Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel), intuitive software that allows users to configure settings from their computer. Then, VPanel automatically sends CAM data to the DWX-4 to begin production.

With a four-axis configuration that includes three XYZ axes and a rotary axis, the DWX-4 features an automatic tool changer (ATC) that changes milling tools as needed without interrupting the production process. Prosthetic parts such as crowns and bridges can be produced using standard block and pin-type dental materials, including zirconia, PMMA and wax.

The DWX-4 is equipped with several features that ensure easy, flawless performance, including a status light that displays the progress of each job, and a tool-life management system that monitors tool usage and automatically notifies the user when a tool replacement is needed. An air blower*1 prevents dust from building up in the milling area, and a negative ion generator*2 virtually eliminates dust buildup for a clean milling area. The DWX-4 also sends users an e-mail notification of any errors, or when a job is completed.

*1 In order to activate the air blower function, the DWX-4 requires an external air compressor.
*2 A negative ion generator neutralizes the static electricity generated when milling PMMA.

Roland DWX-4 Features:

- Four-axis dental milling machine for easy, precise, on-demand production of crowns and bridges
- Compact size of 340 x 365 x 405 mm (13.39 x 14.37 x 15.94 in.) fits into small lab environments
- Mills standard block and pin-type materials, including zirconia, PMMA and wax
- Easy operation with one-button touch panel
- Roland Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) manages diagnostics, calibration and milling processes, directly from a computer
- An automatic tool changer (ATC) supports two tools for precision milling from start to finish
- Status LED light displays the progress of each job
- Integrated air blower keeps milling area clean
- Negative ion generator prevents excessive dust buildup when milling PMMA
- Open architecture allows the DWX-4 to work with the latest materials and CAD/CAM software
- Up to four Roland dental milling machines can be controlled from a single PC

DWX-4 will be showcased at the following events worldwide in 2013

Date Exhibition Area (Official URL)
10/4 - 5 CAPP ASIA Singapore (
10/4 - 6 World Dental Show Mumbai, India (
10/11 - 12 Fachdental Südwest Stuttgart, Germany (
10/11 - 12 ADIA QLD Dental Show Brisbane, Australia (
10/11 - 13 APDESP Dental Congresso São Paulo, Brazil (
10/17 - 19 EXPODENTAL Milan, Italy (
10/17 - 19 BDTA Dental Showcase Birmingham, U.K. (
10/18 - 19 NZIDT Wellington, New Zealand (
10/19 ID Sud Dental Infotage Munich, Germany (
10/23 - 26 DenTech China Shanghai, China (
10/25 Digital Dental News Kongress Cologne, Germany (
10/25 - 26 Colloquium Dental Brescia, Italy (
10/29 - 31 IMP BIS Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand
11/7 - 10 Eastern Conference of Dental Labs Concord, NC U.S.A. (
11/8 - 9 ID Mitte Dental Infotage Frankfurt, Germany (
11/15 - 17 DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium & Expo Garden Grove, CA U.S.A. (
11/15 - 17 IDEA Jakarta, Indonesia
11/21 - 22 AIOP Bologna, Italy (
11/21 - 23 OMD Lisbon, Portugal
12/1 - 4 Greater NY Dental Meeting New York, NY U.S.A. (
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