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Dental Milling Machine "DWX Series" Total Worldwide Shipments Exceed 10,000 Units

Hamamatsu, Japan, December 11, 2019 – DGSHAPE Corporation, (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture), a subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) and provider of digital solutions for dental technicians, announced today that total worldwide shipments of DWX dental milling machines have exceeded 10,000 units.

About the DWX Series
Originally launched almost 10 years ago, the DWX series is a milling machine specialized in the production of prosthetics such as copings, crowns, and bridges. With advances in digital technology, more and more dental laboratories are introducing digital systems consisting of CAD/CAM software and milling machines instead of traditional casting methods. In recent years, with the emergence of zirconia and hybrid ceramics as new materials for prosthesis, the number of cases in which digital systems are introduced to efficiently perform these applications has dramatically increased. Many manufacturers who provide such systems often sell them as "closed systems" with proprietary inter-linked components: scanners that digitize full arch impressions, CAD/CAM software, milling machines, and prosthetic materials. The nature of these closed systems are a barrier to entry for dental laboratories, many of whom are concerned about heavy financial investments and the freedom to provide optimal workflow and turnaround for dental clinics and patients.

Based on Roland DG's three-dimensional benchtop milling technology, cultivated over a quarter of a century to become a worldwide leader in multi-axis manufacturing products, the DWX series was launched in 2010. The four-axis "DWX-30", the first of its kind, was followed by the enormously successful DWX-50, a high-performance five-axis model in 2011. The DWX-30/50 has received high praise for its compact size, ease of use and installation, low maintenance, and a pioneer of the open system where there is no limitation to which scanner, CAD, CAM, or materials can be used to create a custom workflow in a dental laboratory. In 2013, the DWX-4 launched, pursuing a more compact size and easy operation, while maintaining the high processing accuracy of conventional models. In 2015, "DWX-51D" succeeded the popular DWX-50 with an award-winning new design. The popularity of glass ceramics grinding led to the launch of the DWX-4W, Roland's first wet milling machine. In contrast to hybrid machines that use both technologies in the same milling cavity, the Wet & Dry combo (the concept of using different processing machines according to processing methods) has been widely accepted in the market for ease of use, stability, and high processing accuracy.

In 2017, DGSHAPE Corporation was established to focus on the dental business even more, and launched the DWX-52DC with automatic material replacement function. In the years that followed DGSHAPE released successor models: DWX-52D, DWX-42W, and DWX-52DCi.

Our DWX series contributes to the efficiency of prosthetic production at dental laboratories and in-clinic laboratories around the world, including the United States, Europe, and China. We believe that the ease and stability of operations that can be started from the day the product arrives, and the wide range of support network leveraging our parent company Roland DG are major factors in our success. Finally as a global company, we were successful in providing localized solutions based on the unique requirements of the market.

Dental laboratories
  • Pin-type materials

  • Crowns

  • Digital dentures

Mr. Hisashi Bito, President and CEO of the Company, said, "Production of the DWX series, a dental milling machine that began production in 2010, has exceeded 10,000 units. We believe that this production volume of one series of milling machines developed specifically for a dental process is record-breaking. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution, represented by Artificial Intelligence , Cloud, and IoT accelerates, the environment surrounding manufacturing continues to change dramatically. The era of easy sales, where if the product is good it will sell itself, has already reached the end, and it is essential to transmit information from a position closer to the user, and to quickly grasp the needs of users. DGSHAPE will continue to expand its business by driving the digitization of dental lab work, proposing workflow efficiency and contribute to the dental society."

As a new initiative, DGSHAPE provides DWINDEX performance management software, a platform that incorporates IoT and connects the milling machine to the Cloud to visualize the operation of the milling machine and provide operational analysis of its performance. The launch of "CA-DK1" and "CA-DK1-TR" for digital denture production, an application growing in demand in an aging society in developed countries, continues to challenge create opportunities for dental labs to grow their business with DGSHAPE.

The DWX series is manufactured and distributed by Roland DG. Please visit Roland DG's website for details.

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