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Texart RT-640
Haserkura no Michi

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[Beware of the possible frauds]
We have been informed by our clients and sales subsidiaries that our products have been posted on several websites at considerably lower rates than actual market prices.
In most cases these websites are not run by our authorized dealers or our sales subsidiaries. We have been informed by some of our clients that they ordered the products and paid for them but never received the goods and have since lost touch with the seller.
To avoid any future problems, our advice is to contact our official sales subsidiaries or authorized distributors in your region when you consider purchasing our products.

Our official sales subsidiaries and authorized distributors can be found through the following website.

We thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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  • Desktop Impact Printer for Marking of UDI Barcodes: MPX-90M
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NEW!Dr.PICZA3 updater ver.4.80 is available.[3D]
Firmware Installer LEF-20 Ver.1.80 is available. [Color]
Firmware Installer LEF-12 Ver.2.20 is available. [Color]
Firmware Installer RF-640/RF-640A Ver.1.30 is available. [Color]
Firmware Installer XF-640 Ver.2.10 is available. [Color]