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Noritake Dental Supply Adopts Roland DG's 3D Milling Technology for Industry Leading Dental CAD/CAM System

  • Noritake Dental Supply Co., Limited

  • Roland DG Corporation

Hamamatsu, Japan, March 16, 2011  Roland DG Corporation., a leading worldwide provider of 3D engraving and milling technologies, today announced that Noritake Dental Supply Co., Limited has adopted Roland DWX 3D milling technology for inclusion in the Noritake Katana dental CAD/CAM system.

Digital technologies are revolutionizing the medical and dental industries, automating the complex processes involved in producing high quality prosthetics. The Noritake Katana System is based on the industry's most advanced digital technologies and now includes innovative new 3D milling technology from Roland. With this powerful solution, dental labs can quickly and easily mill artificial dentures in house, using the digital data obtained directly from patient molds.

One of the dental industry's most precise CAD/CAM solutions, the Noritake Katana System was developed specifically to create zirconia frameworks*1. The complete system now includes a high-resolution laser scanner to obtain digital data, exclusive CAD software to design the prosthetic, the Roland 3D milling machine to mill zirconia blocks, and an oven to sinter zirconia frameworks. This integrated solution allows a dental lab to complete production entirely in house, from the design to finishing stages, for fully functional zirconia frameworks.

The new Noritake Katana System is offered in two models, the DWX-30N and DWX-50N. Both are value-added solutions easily integrated into a lab's digital workflow. In addition to zirconia frameworks, Noritake Katana Systems produce a wide variety of high-quality dental prosthetics using standard materials such as wax and PMMA*2.

The DWX-30N and DWX-50N will be marketed from Noritake Dental Supply starting at next week's International Dental Show 2011 in Cologne, Germany. The DWX-50N is scheduled for release into the Japanese market in 2011.

*1 For cavity protection, the frame of a dental crown (tooth cap) is conventionally made from metal, with plastic or Lucite porcelain sintered on the surface. Metal is not always preferred for the frame because it can induce an allergic reaction and is not aesthetically pleasing. As an alternative, zirconia can be used. A high-intensity ceramic, zirconia looks more natural than metal and has excellent biocompatibility.
*2 PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is a type of acrylic resin also called organic glass or acrylic glass.

Noritake Dental Supply Co., Limited

Established in 1998 as a division of Noritake Co., Limited, the world-renowned tableware manufacturer started over a century ago. Noritake develops high quality ceramic technology for a variety of industries including abrasives, electronics, and engineering. The company introduced dental materials in 1987, successfully applying its expertise in ceramics. Today Noritake Dental Supply is a leading dental ceramic manufacturer supplying a wide variety of dental materials to the global market. Renowned for reliability, safety and superior aesthetic results, Noritake's products are well-received in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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