Long-time employees of the Thai factory

Thai Factory Long-Term Employee Interviews – Part 2

06/05/2023 Corporate Activities

Roland DG's manufacturing subsidiary, Roland Digital Group (Thailand), celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. We interviewed employees who have been with the Thai factory for 11 years, discussing their experiences, mindset for long-term commitment, and future goals.
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Measurement Laboratory in the Parts Quality Control Department of the Thai factory.

Measurement Laboratory in the Parts Quality Control Department of the Thai factory.

Manufacturing Operator, Chanpen Tathong

  • Manufacturing Operator, Chanpen Tathong

  • Manufacturing Operator, Chanpen Tathong

I am responsible for training new manufacturing staff, managing production quality, and providing support during staff shortages. Roland DG is a stable company and I feel secure working here. I have been working at the Thai factory since its inception when we had around 20 staff members. I take pride in the gradual growth of our team and the successful opening of the new building.

By creating a family-like atmosphere, the Thai factory has developed a strong bond among the staff members, and I feel a close relationship with the managers. Everyone, regardless of their employment status, can participate in internal events and freely express their opinions. I truly appreciate such an environment. The team-building events held regularly have left a deep impression on me.

The key to long-term commitment for me is approaching work with dedication and a happy, positive mindset.

Recently, there have been many new models introduced, and I am eager to grow my skills by learning about the new technologies employed in these models.

Parts Quality Manager, Narudon Saithong

  • Parts Quality Manager, Narudon Saithong

  • Parts Quality Manager, Narudon Saithong

I am responsible for managing the quality of parts, systems, suppliers, and incoming inspections. I oversee a team of approximately 20 members. I feel that Roland DG is a company that provides good opportunities for growth and work. I am grateful to the manager who guided me after I joined the company.

Looking back, I realize that I have grown along with the Thai factory. In the early days, the systems were not fully established, but we gradually made improvements. This improvement permeated to our suppliers, allowing us to establish the standard of quality for our company. One particularly memorable aspect is the team-building events. They used to be held frequently, but unfortunately, they have decreased due to the impact of the COVID-19. I hope we can have more of them in the future. I also have fond memories of traveling to the headquarters in Japan.

The key to long-term commitment is setting goals for both work and personal life, continuously improving skills, and striving to achieve those goals.

Recently, we have seen an increase in new-generation staff, and the internal standards have been evolving. I am considering creating a system where knowledge can be self-studied through videos, not just through one-on-one teaching, to address this issue.

Driver, Chanchai Utamala

  • Driver, Chanchai Utamala

  • Driver, Chanchai Utamala

Since joining the company as a driver, I have been responsible for chauffeuring the past executives and managers of the Thai factory and the headquarters in Japan. I take pride in being a part of Roland DG and witnessing the growth of the Thai factory.

Even before joining the company, I worked as a driver, but at Roland DG, I have developed good relationships with the Japanese individuals I chauffeur, and we have formed close bonds. I truly love this kind of environment. In the Thai factory, various events have been held over the years, and I have particularly fond memories of the New Year's party, employee trips, and farewell parties for Japanese staff.

The key to long-term commitment is having a sense of responsibility and punctuality. Moving forward, I would like to improve my English skills to have more conversations with the Japanese staff.

Thank you for participating in the interview. We look forward to your continued support in the future for the progress of the Thai factory.