• We each take the social responsibility and are committed to compliance with laws and social ethics to earn the continuous trust of our clients, the community and the world. Our group has a well-established global compliance program and works for forming a clean and open corporate culture. As an example, we develop and implement the various group policies, including that for anti-bribery and trade control.

    Your understanding and cooperation are necessary in order for any and all directors, officers and employees of our group companies to observe any and all laws and regulations. We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our compliance initiatives.

  • Anti-bribery Group Policy

    Roland DG group companies and all the officers and employees shall comply with the followings:

    1. Comply with the applicable laws and regulations regarding anti-bribery and the relevant inhouse rules that sit alongside this policy.
    2. Assess the bribery risks by the country, by the region and/or by the industry sector, and take appropriate measures to mitigate the risk of any acts of bribery.
    3. Never bribe a public official by any means, including without limitation offer or promise to pay or give, or authorization of the payment or services of any money, gift, entertainment or anything of value, beyond the scope of ethical and lawful business practices in obtaining or retaining business.
    4. Maintain and keep appropriate books and records in reasonable detail to accurately and fairly reflect all revenues and expenditures in order to prove that we have never been engaged in any bribery.
    5. Report to or consult with the compliance department of the headquarters or individual group company immediately where any question or concern is raised about bribery or this specific policy, or if any actual or suspected misconduct or violation is discovered.
    6. Cooperate fully with any in-house investigation and that of local law enforcement authorities, upon any violation of this policy or the applicable laws and regulations relating to anti-bribery, which may lead to appropriate remedial measures and disciplining of wrongdoers. On the other hand, the organization strictly prohibits any disadvantage or retaliation against anyone who follows this policy in good faith.

    NOTE:This is the latest version of the policy effective on January 1, 2020. Please note that this policy is subject to review and revision as appropriate.

  • Roland DG Group Policy of Security Trade Control

    In order to maintain international peace and security according to international export control regimes and related treaties, we, the Roland DG Group, never export or provide goods and technologies (including software) which we sell in the course of our business when we are aware that they are intended to be used for the development, manufacture, use or stockpiling of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and/or that they are intended to be used for the development, manufacture, or use of conventional weapons for countries under a UN Security Council arms embargo.

    May 1, 2013

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