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  • Workshop for fabricating one-of-a-kind items with Miyuki Acryl's stunning acrylic.

    Miyuki Acryl – Delivering the Beauty of Acrylic Worldwide

    03/19/2019 Digital Printing, Events & Tradeshows

    Miyuki Inc., better known as Miyuki Acryl, is a well-established local fabricator with a studio-gallery in Kita-Ayase in Adachi, Tokyo that machines and fabricates various items such as accessories from acrylic. Passionate about expressing the beauty of acrylic, Miyuki Acryl sells its own brand of acrylic materials and uses Roland DG’s LEF series UV printers to decorate them.

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  • Colorful acrylic works from KAE's exhibit

    FabCafe Tokyo's Events Showcase Young Creators

    12/27/2018 Digital Printing, Events & Tradeshows

    FabCafe Tokyo in Shibuya, which was previously featured in this blog, has kicked off a new project aimed at supporting young designers.

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  • Naoto Suzuki, store manager of andMade.kitasando

    Fashion-makerspace andMade Gets a Fresh Look

    12/20/2018 Digital Printing, Events & Tradeshows

    andMade.kitasando, a makerspace for handmade, fashion-oriented goods located in Sendagaya, Tokyo that was previously featured in this blog, reopened this fall with a fresh new look combining an event and exhibition space with a fabrication studio. We spoke with store manager Naoto Suzuki (pictured above) to provide details about previous activities and future objectives.

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  • Sense Your Aroma Gallery Produced by AromaRich

    Personalizing Folding Fans and Discovering Ideal Aromas

    11/01/2018 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

    Lion Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer of household supplies, recently held a promotional event, giving visitors a personalized fragrance experience from the SOFLAN Aroma Rich range of aromatic fabric softeners. The popup gallery, “Sense Your Aroma Gallery Produced by Aroma Rich,” was open to the public in Omotesando, Tokyo between August 4th and 7th allowing visitors to discover their very own fragrance.

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  • LIMITS Digital Art Battle World Grand Prix 2018

    Roland DG Sponsors World's Largest Digital Art Battle

    06/13/2018 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

    The LIMITS Digital Art Battle World Grand Prix 2018 was held at Shibuya Hikarie Hall (Hall-A) in Tokyo over the May 12-13 weekend. Roland DG sponsored the event to support the creative activities of artists utilizing digital technology, and also assisted with the production of official merchandise.

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