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  • Fabrication workshop event

    Fabrication Workshop Makes Learning Circuitry Fun — Part 1

    11/22/2017 Events & Tradeshows, 3D Digital Fabrication

    Roland DG held a fabrication workshop for educators and Fab Lab managers on September 9 and 16 at the Roland DG Creative Center located in the Tokyo Sales Office. The workshop was based on the concept of providing a fun approach to learning about electronics manufacturing, and was organized with the cooperation of Sony Corporation MESH project and Fab Lab Hiratsuka located on the Kanagawa University Faculty of Business Administration campus.

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  • FAB13 attendees

    Roland DG Gives Back to the Tech Community at FAB13

    10/10/2017 Events & Tradeshows, 3D Digital Fabrication

    From July 31 to August 6, 2017, more than 1,000 Fab Labs around the world gathered in Santiago, Chile for FAB13, the 13th annual meeting of the global Fab Lab community.

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  • Experience Day by Roland & Promakim interactive event

    Roland DG Solutions Play Starring Role at Istanbul Creative Hub

    09/26/2017 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing, 3D Digital Fabrication

    ATÖLYE is an innovative makerspace and creative hub located in the center of Istanbul, Turkey that attracts an interdisciplinary network of designers, makers, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs and other creative individuals. With 700 m2 of space, it includes event space, seminar space, co-working space and a maker lab.

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  • Roland DG Japan Marketing Group's Masakatsu Asako

    Caerasi Design Gala Features Original Art-Decorated Items Created on UV printers — Part 2

    09/21/2017 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

    For the second installment of this two-part series, we interviewed Roland DG Japan Marketing Group’s Masakatsu Asako (photo above) who organized the caerasi Design Gala event in collaboration with caerasi. Asako expressed his thoughts on the event as well as future aspirations for the Original Print Service that is currently being rolled out in Japan.

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  • Caerasi Design Gala event venue

    Caerasi Design Gala Features Original Art-Decorated Items Created on UV printers — Part 1

    09/20/2017 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

    Caerasi Design Gala, an event that was held in collaboration with several creators, ran from July 14 for three days at the Roland DG Creative Center located in the Tokyo Sales Office. The gala featured exhibits and sales of items like smartphone cases and canvas prints made by 11 popular, young artists.

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  • Marker’s Base original merchandise printed using a UV printer

    UV printers play key role in success of shared factory Makers’ Base (Part 2)

    08/28/2017 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

    In the second part of this series, Junpei Matsuda, COO of Makers’ Inc. explains how UV printers are used at the workshop as well as plans he has in store for the future, and also provides insight into some of the success stories he has observed.

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  • Junpei Matsuda, COO of Makers' Inc.

    UV printers play key role in success of shared factory Makers’ Base (Part 1)

    08/25/2017 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

    We visited Makers’ Base Tokyo, a membership-based shared factory run by Makers’ Inc. that was previously featured in the Imagine Blog, to see exactly how UV printers are used for creating personalized products. We’ll be bringing you more details of how this unique creative workshop operates in this two-part series.

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  • The new Roland Digital Group Iberia offices located in Madrid

    Roland Digital Group Iberia Opens New Madrid Offices to Accommodate Growth

    08/03/2017 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing, Corporate Activities

    On June 28, 2017, Roland Digital Group Iberia, Roland DG’s sales and marketing subsidiary in Spain, opened its new premises in Alcorcón, Madrid. The impressive 600m2 building represents the next step in its growth strategy.

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  • Customization event at Ploom Shop located in Canal City Hakata

    UV printers boost sales of personalized products

    08/02/2017 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

    Makers’ Inc., operators of Makers’ Base, the largest membership-based shared factory in Japan, recently ran a customization event at Ploom Shop located in Canal City Hakata. The event ran from May 31 to June 30, using Roland DG’s UV printer to create accessories designed by customers for Ploom TECH tobacco vaporizers. Here are some details of the event.

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  • Imaginarium Artcademy 2017

    Imaginarium Artcademy 2017 Explores the Fine Art Capabilities of Roland DG UV Print Technology

    07/13/2017 Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

    Roland DGA, Roland DG’s U.S. sales and marketing subsidiary, recently partnered with noted artist, author and Roland user, Bonny Pierce Lhotka to demonstrate how Roland DG machines can aid artists, photographers and multimedia designers in the creative process.

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