Roland and Roland DG Unveil Collaborative Product at Pop-Up Stores of Gaming Streamers OREVIVA!

03/11/2024 Corporate Activities, Digital Printing

A limited-edition collaboration model of Roland Corporation’s BRIDGE CAST gaming audio mixer has been released with the popular gaming streamer group “ORETACHI NO ASOVIVA! (OREVIVA!)”.

OREVIVA! is composed of four popular gaming streamers: Mr. Putera Takahashi, Mr. Meya, Mr. Nero-chan, and Mr. Average. They have gained significant attention for various live game distributions, “Me Singing” videos, and original songs.
OREVIVA! official YouTube channel

The objective of the project was to heighten the appeal of BRIDGE CAST, renowned for its outstanding performance and design, by incorporating a special faceplate that would provide OREVIVA! fans with an unforgettable experience.
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Limited edition model becomes a popular item at OREVIVA! pop-up stores

The collaboration model included an OREVIVA! original design faceplate for customization. Roland DG collaborated on the production of the faceplates using the new VersaOBJECT MO-240 UV flatbed printer.

  • BRIDGE CAST face plate

    OREVIVA! original design faceplate printed with the MO-240


    BRIDGE CAST with the limited-edition faceplate which features LEDs on the control knobs set to each member’s image color to create a special ambiance.

The collaborative BRIDGE CAST was exclusively sold during the OREVIVA! Pop-up Store 2 held in Tokyo and Osaka from January to February 2024. In Tokyo, the 50 limited units sold out on the second day, and in Osaka, the 30 limited units sold out on the opening day, gaining high popularity.

In Osaka, in addition to various limited goods, there were exhibitions of limited panels and message boards for OREVIVA! members, providing fans with an opportunity to interact. Despite being held on a weekday, many fans visited on the opening day, demonstrating OREVIVA!’s popularity and the connection among fans that a physical store experience can bring.

Those who quickly purchased limited BRIDGE CAST shared their thoughts, saying, “I’ve been curious about the BRIDGE CAST, and when I heard it would feature an OREVIVA! design, I definitely wanted to get it. With this, I’m going to try game distribution, something I’ve been interested in for a while.” Other comments included, “I want to challenge ‘Me Singing’ with the BRIDGE CAST with the design of beloved OREVIVA!,” and “Using the voice changer feature of BRIDGE CAST, I want to create my own anime.” It seems this collaboration has become a catalyst for tackling new challenges by OREVIVA! fans.


    Scene from the opening day of the Osaka store

  • Illustration panel of OREVIVA! members

    Message board becomes a place for fan interaction

Creating an original OREVIVA! design with the latest printing technology

This project required the production of high-quality faceplates within a short timeframe. After trying out various design validations, we adopted the new VersaOBJECT MO-240 UV printer, which can directly print on three-dimensional objects. The MO-240 allowed us to express the sophisticated design of OREVIVA!’s logo and member motifs intricately. We also focused on durability and texture. Since the faceplate is made of aluminum with a special coating, we used primer ink as a base to enhance ink adhesion. Additionally, we applied gloss ink for a finishing touch, achieving both a glossy appearance and surface protection.

Game distribution involves not only playing games but also sharing the fun and excitement through commentary. Through this collaboration, we are delighted to have provided fans with memorable experiences and contributed to creating new opportunities for game streaming.

  • MO-240

    The latest VersaOBJECT MO-240 UV printer capable of direct printing on three-dimensional objects

  • Printing with MO-240

    The MO-240, with excellent productivity, simultaneously printing four faceplates