Dancers performing Yosakoi dance

Roland DG Sponsors the 2nd Nijiiro Yosakoi Dance Festival, Utilizing Printers for Venue Decoration

03/19/2024 Corporate Activities, Digital Printing

On March 10, 2024, Roland DG sponsored the “The 2nd Nijiiro Yosakoi Festival” that was held around Hamamatsu Station and organized by the Nijiiro Yosakoi Executive Committee. Roland DG printers were used to print panels and artwork for the photo exhibition at the venue, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere.

Contribution through Printing Technology

A photo exhibition featuring selected works from a photo contest was held at Hamamachi Plus, a pop-up space under the elevated structure near Enshu Railway’s Shin-Hamamatsu Station. Seven pieces capturing scenes from last year’s Nijiiro Yosakoi were exhibited in B1 size (728 mm x 1,030 mm), while 17 pieces were displayed in A4 size. Additionally, a large photo panel approximately two meters tall was installed, attracting many attendees to take commemorative photos. The venue was arranged to make it easy for visitors to access with eye-catching photos displayed near the windows.
At the dance venue, a timetable of the performances was displayed in the same large size, allowing attendees to check the schedule to watch their favorite teams’ dances.

  • The photo exhibition venue at Hamamachi Plus

    The photo exhibition venue at Hamamachi Plus

  • Dancer photo

    Display of individually framed artwork

  • Photo exhibition venue

    Bustling photo exhibition venue

  • A variety of artwork on display

    A variety of artwork on display

  • Timetable and sponsor list

    Visitors checking the timetable

  • Take a commemorative photo with a photo panel

    Dancers taking a commemorative photo with a photo panel

Our first sponsorship opportunity

This marked our first sponsorship of Nijiiro Yosakoi Festival. The initiative stemmed from the leadership of Hagimori, a representative of our internal voluntary group “Inspiration Emergence Project,” who was previously involved in Yosakoi dance. Through his acquaintances with Nijiiro Yosakoi organizers, the idea of enhancing the festival with our products and technology emerged. Sponsorship not only contributes to local revitalization but also enhances employee engagement, leading to our decision to support the event.

Hagimori expressed his joy, saying, “By providing printed materials, our sponsorship provided an opportunity for the members who carried out the printing to use our products from a user’s perspective. It was genuinely rewarding to receive praise and excitement from the Executive Committee for the vivid colors and photo quality of the printed artwork.” Hagimori expressed his satisfaction with the initiative, “This endeavor has reinforced the value of our products to the community. I’m proud that we could contribute in a mutually beneficial way. On the Inspiration team, we will continue to engage in initiatives that foster individual goals and ideals!”

Takae Suzuki, the chairperson of the Nijiiro Yosakoi Executive Committee, commented on our sponsorship, “The photo exhibition and the installation of the photo panel not only brought joy to the performers but also became a standout spot for visitors’ taking photos. It was great to create enjoyment beyond the dancing with Roland DG.” Suzuki continued, “Nijiiro (Rainbow in Japanese) Yosakoi serves as a bridge for people to gather through Yosakoi dance. We hope to continue the festival, making it a memorable event for those who visit Hamamatsu by collaborating with local companies in the future.”

  • Takae Suzuki, Chairperson of the Nijiiro Yosakoi Executive Committee

    Suzuki, Chairperson of the Nijiiro Yosakoi Executive Committee

  • Our company Hagimori does printing work

    Hagimori, the project representative working on the printing

Leveraging sign printing technology

Our main product, the inkjet printer, is primarily used for producing signs such as signboards and posters. We used our flagship TrueVIS VG3-640 eco-solvent inkjet printer to print the photo panel and timetable. Eco-solvent ink is ideal for outdoor use, resistant to rain and other environmental factors. With a new ink configuration featuring special colors like green and light black, it achieves a wide color gamut, enabling richer colors and smooth gradients. We also selected the print media taking into account the conditions of the installation location.
Artwork from the photo contest was printed using our TrueVIS MG-640 UV printer/cutter, utilizing special colors like orange and red to achieve vivid and precise printing. Tone adjustments were also made to effectively convey the photographer’s emotions.

The production process was carried out in late February. For larger items, the printer ran overnight for printing. Trimming and panel mounting were collaborative efforts among project members. Employees from departments less familiar with our printers also participated, providing an opportunity to deepen their understanding of our technologies.

  • Employee checking printing

    Employee checking the status of printed materials

  • Cooperating in cutting

    Employees collaborated to trim large photos

Contributing to the community in the future

The Nijiiro Yosakoi Festival was initiated by local teams in response to the closure of the previous Hamamatsu Ganko Festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Launched in 2023, the event aims to promote Yosakoi in the Enshu region (the area around western Shizuoka) and revitalize Hamamatsu. This year, over 40 teams with more than 1000 participants from across Japan danced. Blessed with fine weather on the day of the event, the venue attracted many spectators, creating a lively atmosphere.

We feel great importance in contributing to the liveliness of Hamamatsu and providing an opportunity for many to learn about our products, technology, and the joy they bring. It seems that employees also deepened their commitment to the company and its products.
Although we operate globally, we will continue to contribute to local revitalization efforts based on our purpose “To Empower Creativity and Excitement Worldwide.”

  • Photo panel depicting our company building

    The Roland DG head office building was depicted on the photo panel.

  • Product introduction panels also installed

    A brief product introduction panel