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Roland DG Interior Décor Solution and DIMENSE Printing System Unveiled at JAPAN SHOP 2024

04/05/2024 Corporate Activities, Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

Roland DG exhibited at JAPAN SHOP 2024, the 53th International Exhibition for Shop Systems and Fixturing hosted by Nikkei Inc. at Tokyo Big Sight from March 12 to 15, 2024. At this exhibition which features in-store decoration and spatial presentation, Roland DG made its domestic debut of the new DIMENSE printing solution. Significantly, we shifted our exhibit from its previous focus on signage applications to showcase a variety of examples of how our products can be incorporated into interior decoration which we have identified as a new growth area.

Showcasing high-value-added printing with DIMENSE

DIMENSE, a printing solution from DG DIMENSE, a joint venture established in Lithuania last year, allows for unique and three-dimensional embossing of wallpaper and other decorative products. With its unparalleled technology, DIMENSE enables high-value art and decor through combinations such as full-color printing with embossing and embossing with hand-painting (applying paint with rollers, etc.). Visitors were encouraged to touch and experience the expressive power firsthand, and printed samples were also distributed to convey the unique charm of DIMENSE.

  • Sample emphasizing embossment

    Sample emphasizing embossing with hand-painting

  • Sample using metallic paper

    Wall decorations using metallic media

  • Visitors touching and testing samples

    Visitors examining DIMENSE samples by touching

  • Sample for distribution

    Samples distributed to visitors

Collaboration of DIMENSE products with distributor booth

DG DIMENSE’s inkjet printer Dimensor S was exhibited and demonstrated at the booth of our distributor, NSK. We coordinated our booth with theirs to guide visitors to both booths, with NSK handling the exhibition and sales of the actual machine and our booth providing suggestions for utilization methods.

  • Dimensor S

    Dimensor S inkjet printer exhibited at NSK’s booth

  • Demonstration of printing

    Demonstration of printing

Entering the interior decorating industry by replicating stores in our booth

In recent years, there has been increasing demand in the interior decorating industry for original designs and personalization. We introduced the Roland DG Interior Décor Solution, which can produce interior decorations tailored to customers’ purposes and applications on-demand, utilizing a wide product lineup, including DIMENSE, environmentally friendly resin printers, and UV printers capable of direct printing on three-dimensional objects. At this exhibition, we showcased various applications to stimulate the creativity of designers and planners in the interior decor industry.

In our booth, we replicated store decorations for an apparel shop and a Chinese-style tea shop. The apparel shop featured decorations on walls and fixtures using DIMENSE, as well as actual examples of sofas and small items decorated with patterns printed on fabric using our UV printers.
In a corner resembling a Chinese-style tea shop, we displayed wall decorations with DIMENSE, as well as samples produced by binder-jet 3D printers. We showcased various objects, including intricately shaped ceramics made possible by the unique capabilities of binder-jet printing, and embedded lattice-patterned decorative windows on the walls to create a sophisticated atmosphere.
In the gallery at the back of the booth, we exhibited the only actual machine, an AP-640 resin printer. The wallpaper of the booth and special canvas prints on the wall were both printed with the AP-640. We also demonstrated the AP-640 in operation by actually printing wallpaper.

  • Reproduction of an apparel shop storefront

    Reproduction of an apparel shop storefront

  • Decorating sofas and notebooks with a UV printer

    Decorating sofas and notebooks with a UV printer

  • Reproduction of a Chinese-style tea shop

    Reproduction of a Chinese-style tea shop corner

  • Ceramic ornaments produced by a binder-jet 3D printer

    Ceramic ornaments produced by a binder-jet 3D printer

  • Demonstration of the AP-640 in operation

    Demonstration of the AP-640 in operation

  • Specially printed painting samples

    Display of samples with special printing including paintings

An encouraging response to our new market venture

Our exhibition at JAPAN SHOP this year marked a significant challenge for new markets. Visitors particularly appreciated the DIMENSE samples, which comprised a large part of the booth. There was also positive feedback on the binder-jet 3D printer, especially from those in the interior décor and building materials sectors, allowing us to establish a foothold in the interior decorating industry. Through Roland DG Interior Décor Solution, including DIMENSE, we will continue to spread excitement worldwide.

  • Offering various decoration capabilities

    Offering various decoration capabilities

  • Our bustling booth

    Our bustling booth