Collaboration booth of Roland DG and Digital Fabrication Association

Roland DG Exhibits at the 15th EDIX Tokyo Showcasing Increasingly Popular STEAM Education Examples

06/11/2024 Corporate Activities, Events & Tradeshows, Digital Printing

In collaboration with the Digital Fabrication Association, Roland DG exhibited at the 15th EDIX (Educational IT Solutions Expo) Tokyo, held from May 8 to 10, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight. The new VersaSTUDIO BD-8 desktop flatbed UV printer was showcased, highlighting its applications in educational settings.

Comprehensive support for introducing STEAM education

Interest in STEAM education, which integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, has been steadily increasing. Responding to the growing demand for detailed information, our third joint exhibition focused on practical applications of digital fabrication tools for STEAM education. Umezawa from the Digital Fabrication Association introduced their consultancy services, which provide comprehensive support from planning to implementation for educators struggling to create STEAM learning environments. A case study with Hiroshima Institute of Technology Senior High School highlighted their collaboration in developing classes using digital tools.
This year, the booth saw many educators, encouraged by the launch of the High School DX Acceleration Promotion Project (DX High School), promoting actual system implementations.

  • A booth prominently featuring STEAM education

    A booth prominently featuring STEAM education

  • STEAM education samples

    Samples created through STEAM education were displayed throughout the booth.

  • Comprehensive support by the Digital Fabrication Association

    Digital Fabrication Association provides extensive support from concept setting to post-implementation.

  • 3D printed lighting fixtures

    Lighting fixtures in the booth were also created using a 3D printer.

Presentations of educational achievements by teachers and students

In 2022, Hiroshima Institute of Technology Senior High School established a dedicated classroom for STEAM education called the CLL (Creative Learning Lab). The lab utilizes tools like laser engravers and 3D printers, alongside our LEF2-200 benchtop flatbed UV printer and SRM-20 desktop milling machine.
At the booth, Hirahara, head of the K-STEAM program at the school, presented practical examples of STEAM education using these devices. They highlighted how fostering students’ attention to detail through hands-on projects helps develop “design thinking,” enabling students to solve problems creatively and independently.
Students who attended these classes also presented their work, showing UV-printed keychains and laser-cut ferris wheel models, and discussed their iterative processes. Various items made during classes and free time were displayed, vividly showcasing students’ engagement and creativity.

  • Student presentation on creation process

    Student presenting their creation process

  • Student-made logo merchandise

    Logo goods created by students

  • Acrylic stands made by students

    Acrylic stands made by students

  • Works combining laser engraving, UV printing, and resin coating

    Combination of laser engraving, UV printing, and resin coating by students

Proposing the use of BD-8 in educational settings

Roland DG staff also conducted presentations at the booth, demonstrating the potential of the VersaSTUDIO BD-8 UV printer in ICT classes and various events, highlighting its ability to foster student creativity. Traditionally, our products were mainly introduced in engineering and science departments, but the compact size of the “VersaSTUDIO BD-8” was well-received, promising broader application in diverse educational settings. The newly developed distance mode, which allows printing on curved and uneven substrates, inspired students from Hiroshima Institute of Technology Senior High School, who expressed interest in printing on wave-shaped 3D-printed items.
Students enthusiastically discussed their creations, drawing astonished reactions from attendees. Hirahara’s remark, “The vibrant colors of UV printing expand students’ creativity,” echoed Roland DG’s purpose of empowering creativity and excitement. We hope the excitement surrounding our booth continues to inspire.

  • Presentation with live demo

    Presentation with live demonstrations

  • Attendees captivated by UV printer demonstrations

    Attendees captivated by UV printer demonstrations

  • High-quality printing in high-speed mode

    High evaluation of printing quality in high-speed mode

  • Various samples printed by the BD-8 UV printer

    Various samples printed by the BD-8 UV printer