Children enjoyed making keychains

Roland DG Adds Excitement to Jubilo Iwata’s Home Game with Personalized Keychain Creation

06/18/2024 Corporate Activities, Digital Printing, 3D Digital Fabrication

Roland DG participated in a special event at ECOPA Stadium in Fukuroi, Shizuoka, on May 19, during the top-tier Japanese professional soccer league’s MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE 15th Sec. match between Jubilo Iwata and Urawa Red Diamonds, by providing a booth where fans could experience making custom keychains.

Enjoyable print experience booth for families

On the day of the match, we set up a booth in the entrance plaza of ECOPA Stadium, allowing visitors to enjoy our printing technology. This special event was aimed at the employees of Jubilo Iwata’s partner companies and their families, offering uniform-shaped custom keychains as gifts.

The front of the keychains featured Jubilo Iwata’s team color, Sax Blue, printed using our UV printer. On the back, we used our photo impact printer to imprint the participant’s desired number and name. Visitors were able to see the entire process of creating the original keychain, which allowed them to appreciate the fun and excitement of fabrication. We also displayed various examples of items made using VersaSTUDIO products, illustrating how they can add designs to everyday items.

  • Roland DG booth

    Roland DG booth was set up right in front of the stadium.

  • Uniform-shaped original keychains

    Uniform-shaped original keychains were given as gifts.

  • Keychain creation experience

    Many visitors joined us before the match.

  • Parents and children making keychains

    Parents and children enjoyed making keychains together.

Keychain-making at the booth involved the use of desktop products from the VersaSTUDIO brand, commonly employed in the production of novelty items. Specifically, we utilized the BD-8 flatbed UV printer, capable of vivid direct printing on materials like plastic and metal, and five units of the MPX series photo impact printer, enabling the imprinting of photos, illustrations, and text on metal surfaces. The demonstration of printing the uniform pattern on the keychains using the BD-8 UV printer attracted a lot of attention. We also displayed various examples of items made using VersaSTUDIO products, illustrating how they can add designs to everyday items.

  • VersaSTUDIO BD-8

    The BD-8 desktop UV printer

  • Direct printing on metal keychains

    Primer ink improves ink adhesion, allowing direct printing on metal keychains.

  • VersaSTUDIO MPX-90S

    The MPX-90S photo impact printer

  • Imprinting Experience

    First-time experience of imprinting

  • UV printer demonstration

    Visitors watched the UV printer demonstration.

  • Sample display

    Original items made with VersaSTUDIO products on display.

Local community engagement initiatives of Jubilo Iwata

Based in Iwata City, Jubilo Iwata celebrated their 30th anniversary of promotion to the J.League in 2023. That same year, the team expanded its hometown to include seven cities and one town in western Shizuoka Prefecture, including Hamamatsu City, and actively engaged in activities to deepen ties with the community. For this match, they invited elementary and junior high school students from their hometown to attend for free.

Our connection with Jubilo Iwata began in 2022, when we participated in the “Hamamatsu Yaramai-ka (“Let’s give it a try” in dialect) Exchange Meeting,” an event for businesses with ties to Hamamatsu. We showcased our photo impact printer and presented a plate with name to Jubilo Iwata’s sports director and former popular player, Toshiya Fujita. This connection led to our collaboration in this stadium event.

  • Commemorative Photo with Toshiya Fujita

    Commemorative Photo with Toshiya Fujita at the 2022 Hamamatsu Yaramai-ka Exchange Meeting

  • Experience session

    This event provided local children with the opportunity to experience digital fabrication.

The representative who planned this event, Musashi Atsumi from the JUBILO CO., LTD., which operates Jubilo Iwata, commented, “When planning a project that local people could enjoy, I remembered the original decorated items by Roland DG and asked for their cooperation. We have held workshop-style projects at the stadium before, but this was the first time we had so many devices provided. We believe we provided a unique experience for our visiting partners. In the future, we hope to conduct new events that utilize the desktop products’ on-site printing capabilities, contributing to Roland DG’s community engagement and creating memorable moments for our fans, supporters, and local residents.”

VersaSTUDIO brand products showcase their advantages at event venue

Our collaboration in this event provided an opportunity for the community to learn about Roland DG and see how our printing and imprinting technologies are used in everyday products. By bringing compact VersaSTUDIO brand products to the event venue, attendees could witness and experience the usually unseen processes of production. We hope that creating their own custom team support items made their match day even more special.