Aleksey Etin and Kohei Tanabe

Roland DG Announces Partnership with UAB Dimense Print

08/04/2023 Corporate Activities, Digital Printing

Roland DG announced the acquisition of a 50.1% stake in UAB Dimense Print, located in Lithuania.
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Roland DG President Tanabe remotely participated in the announcement event held in the morning of July 31, 2023, in Lithuania, which corresponds to the evening of the same day in Japan.

Special event takes place at the theater

The presentation event took place in a rented theater, where Aleksey, UAB Dimense Print’s representative, spoke about the company’s history and the remarkable evolution of its technology. Aleksey also emphasized the need for strategic and robust global partnerships to drive further growth. The partnership with Roland DG was announced during the event.

  • Aleksey Etin

  • event venue theater

Roland DG President participates remotely from Japan

Roland DG President Tanabe participated remotely from Japan and gave a brief self-introduction. Tanabe talked about the company’s background, business evolution, and overcoming significant challenges, such as difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic during his tenure as president. Tanabe also shared the successful expansion of the Thai factory and the upcoming completion of the new headquarters building. Moreover, Tanabe expressed his joy at being able to witness this significant announcement and passionately recounted the excitement he felt when first encountering DIMENSE™ at a trade show.
Tanabe concluded his speech by stating, “The significant strengths of UAB Dimense Print, such as ink development, chemical technology, and specialized wallpaper materials, synergize with Roland DG’s hardware and XYZ position control technology. Together, we will create a powerful symbiotic effect, shaping both the business and the market. Let’s ‘Wow’ the world together!”

  • Kohei Tanabe participating remotely

  • Kohei Tanabe reflected in the theater

Several members from Roland DG headquarters join the event in-person

Next, Andrew, a director of Roland DG, who traveled to the event venue, introduced himself and explained the company’s business expansion through the global network. During his presentation, Andrew repeatedly highlighted the synergies between UAB Dimense Print’s technology and Roland DG’s global network, expressing excitement and enthusiasm with each mention. The presentation concluded with an explanation of Roland DG’s purpose.

  • Andrew Oransky during presentation

  • Andrew Oransky

After the event, everyone had lunch together, and the employees from UAB Dimense Print expressed their excitement and enthusiasm about the opportunity to expand their technology to the world and explore new possibilities. There was a lively atmosphere during the conversation, with some jokingly mentioning the need to learn Japanese. The atmosphere was very cheerful and positive.

  • Aleksey Etin and Andrew Oransky

  • lunch after the event

Stay tuned for how Roland DG and UAB Dimense Print will showcase their remarkable technology to the world in the future.