Chair with plaid print

Crafting Furniture with Ethical Leather from Kyowa Leather Cloth

01/25/2024 Corporate Activities, Digital Printing

Roland DG is excited to showcase its latest creations, including sofas and chairs crafted using Ethical Leather Sobagni by KYOWA LEATHER CLOTH CO., LTD., currently on display in Roland DG’s newly constructed head office.


Collaboration of Roland DG UV printer and Ethical Leather Sobagni

Kyowa Leather Cloth, based in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is a world-leading manufacturer of synthetic leather materials for automotive interiors. Introduced in 2021 as a new venture, Sobagni is a consumer brand made from their proprietary synthetic ethical leather material. Utilizing Roland DG’s flatbed UV printer, they produce and sell a variety of goods featuring vibrant designs.

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Ethical leather, employed in automotive interior applications, boasts high quality and durability, surpassing the stringent standards of the automotive industry. Produced without the use of environmentally harmful substances or chemicals associated with environmental hormones, it stands out as an animal-friendly material, promoting kindness to both humans and the Earth.

In November 2023, Roland DG’s environmentally conscious new head office was completed, featuring a display of works from users worldwide at the entrance. As part of our commitment to sustainable materials, we have crafted custom sofas and chairs using Sobagni ethical leather. The seating material is printed using a UV printer capable of precise and vibrant direct printing, even on soft, flexible surfaces. Public Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and seller of commercial furniture located in Nagoya city, completed the furniture. Prior to production, we crafted in-house UV-printed samples on Ethical Leather Sobagni, and Kyowa Leather Cloth conducted durability tests. These tests included assessments for color fading and abrasion resistance, ensuring that our samples met the same durability standards as the final products.

  • Direct UV printing on ethical leather

    Direct UV printing on soft ethical leather

  • Chair with plaid print

    Chairs crafted from UV-printed ethical leather

The completed sofa and chair bring a bright and welcoming atmosphere to the entrance. We invite you to experience them firsthand when you visit. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Kyowa Leather Cloth and Public companies for their collaboration in this project.