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Roland Wins "Nikkei Advanced Technology Award 2002" for Its Digital Factory

Hamamatsu, Japan, October 17, 2002 – Roland DG Corporation today announced that it won a "Nikkei Advanced Technology Award 2002" sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.

This prestigious award is presented annually to leading-edge factories and business organizations that have contributed to promoting management efficiency, higher productivity and a better working environment. Only 15 business organizations worldwide won the award this year.

"Digital Factory," for which Roland won the award, is a landmark production-assistance system (D-PICS) for "Cell-production" by factory workers. Taking full advantage of computer technology enables a worker to easily build a high-value product by himself.

With this system, workers follow step-by-step computer instructions with 3D illustrations for assembly sequence. Lights, sounds and sensors guide the operator through each process, making it possible for even entry-level workers to build an entire machine from beginning to end.

This innovative manufacturing system also frees workers from the burden of memorizing complicated assembly procedures. Workers are now able to concentrate fully on building the machine, leading to higher productivity and quality. This one-by-one assembly style also helps workers feel an attachment to the products, bringing more satisfaction to their jobs.

Benefits of the "Digital Factory" production system include the following:
1. Reduced lead time
2. Flexible response to rapid changes in the demand for models and quantities
3. Reduced inventory of partially-assembled products
4. Parallel production capability of various models and quantities
5. Feedback of production data analysis to product design and manufacturing flow
6. Efficient use of production space
7. Paperless management
8. Increased employee satisfaction

Roland has been utilizing the Digital Factory process for four years to facilitate improvements throughout the manufacturing processes, from design to sample production, purchasing, part-processing, final inspection and mass production. Roland accepted the Nikkei award with great pleasure for having the achievement of its manufacturing premises validated. Roland will continue implementing innovative manufacturing solutions that encourage digital workflow through 3D data utilization.

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