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Roland Introduces MODELA PRO II Precision Milling Machines


Hamamatsu, Japan, March 22, 2007 Roland DG Corporation has expanded the MODELA PRO II series of professional benchtop milling machines with the addition of two new high-precision models, the MDX-540S, and the upgraded MDX-540SA featuring an automatic tool changer (ATC).

Designed for in-house functional testing and secondary machining, the new MDX models allow CAD/CAM professionals to quickly produce snap-fit prototypes and smooth surface finishes for parts, jigs and other advanced Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) and industrial design applications. Based on Roland's industry-leading MODELA SRP technology, the new MDX models come equipped with precision ballscrews that maximize repeatability accuracy and ensure a smooth surface finish.

"MDX-540S and MDX-540SA milling machines are engineered for precision, making them excellent small lot production tools for parts and jigs requiring an accurate fit and complete functionality," said Toshihide Yahiro, Roland DG 3D product manager. "With MDX milling machines, professionals can create complex prototypes in-house, eliminating the need for outsourcing. This, in turn, increases R&D efficiency, cuts costs and lead time, and ultimately makes a business more competitive in the marketplace."

New MDX-540 "S" Series Features:

- Based on industry-acclaimed Roland SRP technology
- Higher accuracy ballscrews ensure maximum precision
- Ideal for producing the highest-quality functional prototypes
- Precise enough to verify an accurate fit for complicated assemblies
- Mills a wide variety of materials including chemical woods, resin, plastics such as ABS and acetyl, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper
- Simple on-screen menus and operation panel promote easy setup and production
- Cutting area of 500(X) x 400(Y) x 155(Z)mm (19.6"(X) x 15.7"(Y) x 6.1"(Z)) accommodates larger work area
- Advanced CAM software optimizes 3D CAD data for detailed models
- In-house prototyping eliminates costly and time-consuming outsourcing
- The MDX-540SA includes all items above and an automatic tool changer


With the MDX-540 series, professionals can quickly and inexpensively produce prototypes and parts for small lot production in virtually any lab environment. MDX machines mill a wide variety of materials including chemical woods, resin, plastics such as ABS and acetyl, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper. With the rotary axis unit and ATC installed, MDX milling machines can automatically mill all four sides of a prototype - from rough cutting to finishing - in an unattended environment. The MODELA PRO II line now includes four models: the MDX-540 standard model, the MDX-540A standard model with ATC included, the MDX-540S precision model, and the MDX-540SA precision model with ATC included. All MDX milling machines come complete with powerful, easy-to-use Roland SRP Player CAM software and convenient, easy-to-navigate operation panels.

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