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Roland Introduces New 74-Inch 6-Color Inkjet Printer for Growing Asian Market

Hi-Fi JET FH-740

Hamamatsu, Japan, November 15, 2011 – Roland DG Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, has introduced the new Hi-Fi JET FH-740 74-inch 6-color aqueous inkjet printer, available for growing Asian market. Designed for the sign making market, the FH-740 is the company's first aqueous printer to be introduced into these growing markets.

"Across the Chinese and Korean markets, large format aqueous inkjets are widely used for posters, indoor signage, backlit displays, interior décor items and fine art reproductions, graphics that are viewed at close range and require superior print quality," said Kazunori Miura, Roland DG business development manager for the Asian market. "Strong economic growth in these regions is now fueling demand for print devices that achieve even greater image quality while delivering the high-speed production capabilities required for volume runs. We are proud to introduce the FH-740, providing shops with the stunning color reproduction and the reliable production platform they need to succeed in this highly competitive business environment."

In addition to four-color process CMYK printing, the FH-740 features Light cyan (Lc) and Light magenta (Lm) for flawless flesh tones and enhanced image quality across lighter colors. With Roland's latest dual printhead design, the FH-740 fires droplets of seven different sizes with unmatched accuracy for smooth gradations, important for photographic reproductions. Precision firing also ensures flawless solid colors for logos and other graphic elements. The FH-740 yields outstanding print quality at production speeds up to 26.9m2/h for cloth banners and also prints at 18m2/h in 6-color mode, ideal for large scale posters. Several print modes are available so users can choose the optimal speed and resolution for the application at hand.

Designed for long production runs, the FH-740 is precision built for stability and durability, and includes advanced media handling features that make operation easy. Fully compliant with Roland's guidelines for Environmentally-Conscious Product Design, the FH-740 features the company's Eco-Label, which recognizes its low power consumption and other life cycle attributes that contribute to a more sustainable production environment.

Roland Hi-Fi JET FH-740 Features:

- 74-inch wide-format aqueous inkjet printer
- 6-color device featuring the latest dual printheads for unmatched print quality and versatility
   - CMYK, Light cyan (Lc) and Light magenta (Lm) inks for remarkably rich, smooth graphics
   - New printhead design fires droplet of seven different sizes precisely for exceptional print quality and reliability
- Alternative ink configurations available:
   - 8 colors (CMYKLcLmOrGr) for spot colors
   - 4 colors (double CMYK) for rich, saturated colors
- Several print modes support a range of applications
   - 26.9m2/hour mode for cloth banners, short-term outdoor posters and flags
   - 18m2/hour mode for wide-format posters printed on synthetic papers
- Durable construction minimizes down time and provides stability through the longest production runs
   - Fixed media shafts and adjustable flanges securely hold roll media weighing up to 40kg
   - Multi-point pinch rollers and a redesigned platen ensure accurate media feeding
   - Rigid belt for print carriage and high-torque, durable scan motor included, technology commonly reserved for grand-format printing devices
- Roland ECO label certified, recognizing the FH-740's environmentally conscious product design and long-term performance

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