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Roland DG Corporation Opens Newly Renovated Tokyo Creative Center

Tokyo, Japan, March 27, 2013 — Roland DG Corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and 3D devices (President: Masahiro Tomioka, Headquarters: Hamamatsu, Japan, hereafter referred to as Roland DG) officially opened its newly renovated Tokyo-based sales office and Creative Center as part of an effort to strengthen its domestic sales and services structure.

With sales offices located around the world, our company provides a comprehensive customer support system comprised of Creative Center, Academy and Care to contribute to the stabilization and development of customers' businesses. Creative Centers have a rich, creative showcase of application samples to inspire the imagination, and invite customers to experience the potential of our products. By creating an environment where customers can easily share ideas and consult with us about their businesses, we continue to offer them new business ideas as well as solutions that can transform those ideas into reality. Academy offers worldwide customers seminars and workshops designed to help them utilize our equipment and software to their maximum potential and acquire the skills they need for their businesses. Care provides a broad range of customer services and support including maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure no issue stops them from getting work done.

  • Roland DG Creative Center

    The Creative Center logo:This design represents three groups—customers, dealers and suppliers, and our company—working in harmony through communication and spreading the enjoyment of creativity.

  • Customer Support System

The renovation of the Tokyo sales office and fully remodeled Tokyo Creative Center is our biggest project to date in Japan. Visitors can not only come and be inspired by works made with our products by users and designers from around the world, but they can also get hands on experience. We provide design contests where they can print to a wide variety of items, workshops to practice wrapping, and endless solutions to help our customers shift their business from idea to reality. With the renovation of our Tokyo office and Creative Center, we have given Academy and Care more active roles and made a comprehensive system of education, service and support for our customers. The new location in Hamamatsu-cho in the Minato ward of Tokyo is also very convenient for customers to access. There, we can reach more customers with tips streamline their business processes, proposals to create high added value, and as per our slogan: "Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity."

President Masahiro Tomioka had the following to say regarding the opening of the newly renovated Tokyo sales office and Creative Center: "As a company, our top priority is delivering value to the customer. Our company has gone beyond product functions and specs to provide efficiency and added value for businesses utilizing digital technology. In recent years, the power of imagination in each and every one of us grows increasingly important as a source of added value to benefit all areas of business, art and lifestyle. In the Tokyo Creative Center, creative applications from the world over will enable customers to spark further innovation and new possibilities. We will do all we can to allow our customers to realize creations beyond their imagination."

Tokyo Creative Center

Tokyo Creative Center

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