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Announcement of New Ink Conversion Required by Discontinuation of TR / TE Ink

Hamamatsu, Japan, February 14, 2020 – Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, today announced the discontinuation of TR and TE ink*1 for TrueVIS VG and SG Series large format inkjet printers by February 2021*2 due to their replacement by new and improved TR2 and TE2 ink. Due to the decrease in VG/SG printer/cutters in the market following the launch of the VG2/SG2, the sales volume of TR/TE inks has also decreased markedly, making it more difficult to continue their production.

Roland DG encourages VG/SG owners to switch as soon as possible to new TR2/TE2 inks, which offer increased performance and cost savings.

TR ink

To be discontinued New TR2 ink for conversion
TR-CY (Cyan, 500 ml) TR2-CY (Cyan, 500 ml)
TR-MG (Magenta, 500 ml) TR2-MG (Magenta, 500 ml)
TR-YE (Yellow, 500 ml) TR2-YE (Yellow, 500 ml)
TR-BK (Black, 500 ml) TR2-BK (Black, 500 ml)
TR-LC (Light cyan, 500 ml) TR2-LC (Light cyan, 500 ml)
TR-LM (Light magenta, 500 ml) TR2-LM (Light magenta, 500 ml)
TR-LK (Light black, 500 ml) TR2-LK (Light black, 500 ml)
TR-WH (White, 500 ml) TR2-WH (White, 250 ml)
TR-CL (Cleaning Liquid, 500 ml) TR2-CL (Cleaning Liquid, 500 ml)

TE ink

To be discontinued New TE2 ink for conversion
TE-CY (Cyan, 500 ml) TE2-5CY (Cyan, 500 ml)
TE-MG (Magenta, 500 ml) TE2-5MG (Magenta, 500 ml)
TE-YE (Yellow, 500 ml) TE2-5YE (Yellow, 500 ml)
TE-BK (Black, 500 ml) TE2-5BK (Black, 500 ml)
TR-CL (Cleaning Liquid, 500 ml) TR2-CL (Cleaning Liquid, 500 ml)

The ink conversion process must be performed together with firmware and RIP software upgrades, enabling VG/SG owners to achieve a host of advantages and new features:
- New TR2 and TE2 ink perform better in scratch resistance, alcohol resistance, and washability.
- The new "True Rich Color" preset maximizes the capabilities of the VG and SG series with the new ink to produce stunning graphics that excite both heart and mind.
- The VG series with TR2 ink is certified for long-lasting results by the 3MTM MCSTM Warranty, providing shop owners and their clients with assurance of the quality and reliability of their graphics.
- The VG and SG series with new TR2 ink is also certified by the Avery Dennison ICS Performance Guarantee.
- Ink consumption is greatly reduced due to an automated maintenance sequence.
- VG/SG owners also obtain a host of new features to improve Print & Cut accuracy and usability, including crop mark options for more stable cutting performance when cutting laminated printed materials, and a PerfCut mode for printing, cutting and die-cutting in one seamless operation.
- The Roland DG Mobile Panel 2 lets you perform control panel functions, including test printing and cleaning from your smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection.
- The VG and SG series support the latest TU4 take-up unit (sold separately), enabling various media to be taken up with increased accuracy and stability.
- If a printhead clogs, the "Nozzle Mask function" can continue printing while using the remaining printheads, reducing downtime in the event of an emergency.

VG/SG owners can switch ink and upgrade their devices by downloading the specified firmware and the latest version of VersaWorks 6 software RIP. For more information, please visit the Region Selector and select your country, or contact your local Roland DG office.

* 1 Sold only in limited areas.
* 2 Final date of discontinuation is subject to change based on the rate of conversion.