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Roland DG Launches D-BRIDGE Digitalization Support Website Packed with Tips for Introducing Digital Technology


Hamamatsu, Japan, October 27, 2021 – Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, announced the launch of D-BRIDGE, a support website that provides a variety of helpful information about the benefits of digitalization and secrets of success for anyone engaged in creating, especially those involved in printing or manufacturing.

With a vision of ‘transforming your imagination into reality’ and mission of ‘bringing new opportunities to society through digital technology,’ Roland DG has been supporting the digitalization of various markets by providing compact and easy-to-use digital devices and solutions for many years, according to Tony Miller, President, Global Sales and Marketing Division.

“With the spread of the Internet and globalization, not only the social and business environments, but also the way we communicate, our lifestyles, and even our values are changing drastically,” Miller said. “In addition, consumer needs are rapidly diversifying and becoming more individualized. Companies that provide products and services face a greater need than ever for tailoring their communications and products to each individual customer with unique and appealing products and experiences,” he added.

As a means to respond to these changes in a profitable and flexible manner, the adoption of digital technology is accelerating year by year in a variety of industries and professions. There are still many people who are worried about making the transition to digitalization. Common responses include: “I feel the need for it, but I’m not sure if I can do it because it seems too difficult,” or “I’m hesitant to adopt it because I don’t understand the benefits.”

To encourage these people to take the first step, Miller said that D-BRIDGE will introduce a variety of information in a manner that is easy to understand. “Our goal with D-BRIDGE is to help as many customers as possible to achieve digitalization as a ‘bridge’ from conventional production methods.”

D-BRIDGE provides the following information:
“Benefits of Digitalization” describes the necessity of digitalization, benefits and secrets to success in digitalization.
“Digitalization by Industry” introduces the current status of digitalization in various industries and how business processes are changing, along with specific examples.
“Solution Examples” introduces how you can digitalize your traditional work using digital devices.
“User Case Stories” introduces actual customer stories about the reasons for introducing a digital solution, the path to operation, specific benefits, and outlook for success.
“Specialist Column” introduces the latest information and useful tips from specialists and influencers in various industries.
“World Digitalization News” introduces examples of creative use of digital technology from around the world.

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