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Roland DG Introduces 3rd Generation TrueVIS with Best Print/Cut Performance Ever

TrueVIS VG3-640/SG3-540

Hamamatsu, Japan, March 1st, 2022 – Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, announced today the launch of its third generation of TrueVIS wide-format inkjet printer/cutters, including the professional flagship VG3-640 and 540 models with up to eight colors of ink and the value-packed SG3-540 and 300 with four colors of ink.

“Since its launch in 2016, we have focused on building upon our award-winning TrueVIS to produce durable graphics with the extraordinary power to excite hearts and minds,” said Tony Miller, President of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division. “The combination of unparalleled color, durability and ease of use has appealed to large numbers of digital print business owners resulting in sales of more than 23,000 units.”

“The exciting new products launched today were developed from user feedback with the goal of making TrueVIS’s best-selling Print & Cut performance available in an even more user-friendly and intelligent manner for everyone,” Miller said. “After thoroughly reviewing the previous hardware design, we developed a new platform from scratch. The rigidity of the body has been increased by four times, and the dot shape and position of the ink droplets can be controlled more accurately and consistently than ever before. Taking TrueVIS’ best image quality to the next level has resulted in the next generation standard of excellence for Roland DG.”

The flagship VG3 series adopts a new eight-color ink set of CMYKLcLmOrGr for unequalled color matching and visual expression with a wider color gamut using special Orange and Green inks, and smoother colors with reduced graininess using Light Cyan and Light Magenta. The new True Rich Color 3 preset optimizes the potential of both superior color reproduction of the printer and the wide color gamut of TR2 inks to achieve a unique combination of vividness and natural appearance in a single graphic.

According to Miller, the new TrueVIS was also designed to offer excellent usability without relying on operator proficiency. The new TrueVIS features an easy-to-read color LCD touch panel for quick and easy access to check settings, get a real-time view of ink levels and media, and perform device commands. Both VG3 and SG3 models include a new media setting support function that reduces media skew for easier and more accurate media loading. TrueVIS also supports automatic media gap and feed compensation for a more stable, unattended workflow. The newly developed center and side pinch rollers further optimize the pressure to hold the media in place, resulting in improved Print & Cut quality.

For increased productivity and profitability, TrueVIS inkjets are designed to work with Roland DG Connect, a cloud-based service that provides numerous helpful functions by connecting your devices and sharing information. For example, based on the shared product information, you can achieve faster, more proactive support, visualize status of various functions and machine uptime, easily calculate profitability, and quickly download media output profiles. This helps customers to reduce downtime, improve work efficiency and realize more efficient business operations.

“The world is changing dramatically,” Miller added. “We live in an era where special experiences are required to excite people so print producers are challenged to work more efficiently and creatively than ever. The VG3/SG3 series was developed to create exceptional value for the future of the printing business and provide the finest image quality to as many customers as possible. Through the new TrueVIS, we are passionate about working together with our customers to open up new possibilities in the printing business.”

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