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Roland DG Corporation

Responding to the situation in Ukraine

Roland DG Corporation is greatly concerned with the safety of the people of Ukraine as well as neighboring countries, and like people all over the world, we truly hope for peace in the world again.

Roland DG Corporation conducts business in 16 countries with about 1,200 employees globally. As a company with employees of various nationalities including Ukraine and Russia, our utmost priority is to ensure the safety and security of all our employees and their families. We will be undertaking measures within our group to support this goal. Likewise, we sincerely hope for the safety and security of all our customers and business partners.

Regarding business in Russia, both for our employees’ security and from the perspective of human rights, Roland DG group hereby suspends all exporting and selling of products in Russia. Resumption of these business activities will be decided as circumstances in the area change. As of now we do not foresee any material impact on our financial performance.

Roland DG Corporation will continue to respond in an appropriate and timely manner as the situation changes. We will provide an update in case the situation is expected to materially affect the company’s performance. Finally, we sincerely hope this tragic situation will be resolved as soon as possible.