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Roland DG’s New Building in Thailand Factory Commences Operations

Roland DG Corporation (Headquarters: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan; President, Representative Director: Kohei Tanabe), a global manufacturer and distributor of advertising and signage inkjet printers and 3D manufacturing tools, announced the completion of a new building within the premises of the Thai factory owned by Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd (Samutsakhon, Thailand). The construction of this new facility began in September 2022 and commenced operations on April 3, 2023. To commemorate this, a ceremony was held on May 19, which was attended by relevant parties and business partners.

Roland DG’s Thailand factory

The Thai factory was Roland DG’s first overseas factory. Construction was started in January 2012, reaching completion in August 2012. The Thai factory began operations in October 2012 andofficially opened in January 2013. In response to the expansion of production volume, floor space was expanded in September 2014 and again in January 2022. With the addition of the new building, production capacity was further enhanced. In 2022, Roland DG celebrated the 10th anniversary of the factory’s establishment. As part of efforts to improve production efficiency and enhance price competitiveness, mass production was transferred from Japan in 2021. The new building will be responsible for the production of dental milling machines and digital fabrication products, which are expected to experience further increase in demand in the future. Furthermore, Roland DG is actively working towards transferring the management and shipping of service parts, as well as other operations currently handled at the head office, to the Thai factory by December 2023.

Roland DG President Kohei Tanabe said, “Roland DG group has been working on transforming into a lean and nimble organization and transitioning our business portfolio is the core initiative in the midterm business plan (FY2021-23). The consolidation of mass production functions in the Thai factory was a major pillar of our structural reforms. In 2021, we successfully completed the transfer of dental milling machine production, followed by the transfer of printer production in 2022. We are also pleased to have continuously introduced new products and opened our new factory amid a rapid expansion in orders. With the consolidation of our production functions, we take pride in delivering ‘Made in Thailand’ and ‘Made in DGT*’ products to customers worldwide. Going forward, the Roland DG Group will continue to strive for significant growth in tandem with Thai factory’s progress.”
* DGT: Abbreviation for the Thai factory

Hiroaki Ema, President of Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd., stated, “As Roland DG’s sole mass-production base, we have a strong sense of awareness and responsibility to position the Roland DG Group as the preferred choice. To achieve this, we are committed to consistently managing and achieving high levels of Quality, Cost, and Delivery (QCD). Our employees work together as a united team to carry out production activities in order to meet these objectives.”

A commemorative ceremony

Roland DG Corporation and Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd. will continue to respond promptly to increasing demand and make proactive investments in equipment to maintain high levels of quality and improve the working environment within the factory, utilizing the technology and expertise cultivated by the company.

A ceremony was held on the morning of May 19th at the new factory cafeteria of Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd., attended by business partners.

A commemorative ceremony

Later that day, after moving to Bangkok city, a standing buffet party was hosted at the Conrad Hotel.

A standing buffet party

Overview of the new building

Total floor area 6,600 m2
Total floor area (production site) 4,410 m2
Building structure Single-story steel construction
Annual production capacity* 12,000 units (7,200 inkjet printers, 4,800 dental milling machines)
Products manufactured 9 models (including inkjet printers, dental milling machines, etc.)
Number of employees 90 (including 70 operators)
Investment amount THB 120 million (approximately JPY 456 million as of August 2022)

Overview of the Thailand subsidiary

Company name Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd.
Address 30/122 Moo 1, Sinsakhon Industrial Estate, Tambol Khok
Kham, Ampur Muang, Samutsakhon 74000, Thailand
Business description Manufacturing of wide-format inkjet printers, dental milling machines, etc.
Capital THB 210 million
Total floor area 16,500 m2
Total floor area (production site) 9,900 m2
Annual production capacity* 29,400 units (24,600 inkjet printers, 4,800 dental milling machines)
Products manufactured 20 models (as of May 2023)
Number of employees 320 (including 190 operators, as of May 2023)

* Our production adopts a flexible proprietary production system called D-PICS (Digital Production Indicate & Control System). The production capacity is calculated based on the current production ratio for each production model, so it may vary due to changes in the ratio.

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