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'Enhance. Transform. Personalize.' Roland Introduces Highly Versatile Engraving Machine


Hamamatsu, Japan, January 7, 2009  Roland DG Corporation is proud to announce the launch of the EGX-360, a highly versatile 4-axis computerized engraver, capable of producing intricate designs onto curved, domed, flat, cylindrical and irregular surfaces. Acceptable materials for engraving include glass, metals, acrylics, laminates, and wood.

“Taking an ordinary product and turning it into a gift to be cherished is what personalization is all about” said Toshihide Yahiro, Roland DG Engraving Solution Manager. “Engraving is the most permanent form of personalization and also has the highest perceived value. The EGX-360 is capable of engraving onto a variety of products, such as wine bottles, Champagne flutes, vases, decanters, goblets, tankards, cups, trophies and so much more. With its intuitive operation and safety cover, the EGX-360 is a trouble-free engraver for anyone to use. Now, high quality and ‘eternal’ personalization is within the reach of all those looking for a new solution for their business or to expand their current services.”

New EGX-360 Features:

- Glass engraving with recycling water system for safe operation - ideal for wine bottles, wine glasses, decanters, vases, glass awards, etc.
- Cylindrical engraving for goblets, tankards, cups, etc.
- Inside/outside ring engraving option for jewelers to engrave anything from wedding bands to napkin rings and bracelets.
- Flat surface engraving for single and batch production.
- Included cup cones capable of holding cylindrical items from 17mm to 180mm in diameter.
- Automatic surface detection for simple operation even on undulating surfaces.
- Advanced laser pointer function eliminating mistakes and simplifying operation.
- Safety cover ensures completely safe operation.
- Easy-to-use and multifunctional design software, EngraveStudio™ included.

Key Features of EngraveStudio™ Software

- V-carving mode for dramatic hand-carved effects
- Batch production options for increased productivity
- Intuitive interface for easy operation
- Advanced preview mode for proofing and promotional activity
- Compatible with vectored AI, EPS, DXF and PDF files
- Compatible with image BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF and PNG files

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