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Roland Introduces the LPX 3D Laser Design Scanner

LPX-60/600/1200 DS (Design Scanner)

Hamamatsu, Japan, January 27, 2009  Roland DG Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its newest 3D laser scanner series, the LPX-60/600/1200 DS (Design Scanner), featuring the exclusive EZ Studio™ and Dr. PICZA 3™ scan control software that easily scans objects to generate 3D data at the touch of a button.

"With the LPX Design Scanner series, anyone can easily generate 3D digital data with professional results," said Kiyoshi Sogo, Roland DG 3D Product Manager. "Users can now effortlessly include 3D data in their daily research and business activities. For example, research results can be presented with 3D image models and object databases can be compiled with 3D images. It is also possible to use original models and create CG images from the scanned 3D data. In the 3D world, the LPX Design Scanner can enhance anyone's creativity, as well as the quality of any information output."

Features of the LPX-60/600/1200 DS (Design Scanner) Series

- Easy-to-use – generates high-quality 3D digital data quickly
- Three models to choose from:
   - LPX-600DS for large, versatile scanning capacity
   - LPX-1200DS for high resolution detailed scanning
   - LPX-60DS for affordable and compact scanning
- Includes Roland EZ Studio™ scanning software for high-resolution one-touch automated scanning
   - Controls the entire scanning process with the touch of a single button
   - Automatically eliminates extra polygons and fills holes for smooth, watertight mesh surface models
   - Saves LPX scans in a range of 3D CAD formats, including STL (Stereo Lithography), GSF (Geometry Systems native file format), 3DM (Rhinoceros file format) and PIX (Roland Picza format)
- Includes Roland Dr. PICZA 3™ software for full user control of both rotary and indexed scanning features for objects with complex forms and undercuts
- Optional Pixform® ProII software for transferring scanning data into high-resolution parametric 3D CAD data

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