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Roland Announces New Texture Library for VersaUV

Ready-to-Use Patterns and Textures add Luxurious Finishes to Prototypes, Labels and Comps

Hamamatsu, Japan, December 1, 2009 Roland DG Corporation, the pioneer of integrated Print&Cut technology, today introduced the new Roland Texture System Library for its VersaUV LEC series of 30" UV-LED inkjet printer/cutters. Included in version 3.31 of Roland VersaWorks RIP software, the Roland Texture System Library is supported by popular design packages including Adobe® Illustrator and consists of 22 textures and patterns that can be produced by layering the VersaUV's ECO-UV Gloss ink.

Designed for versatility, VersaUV inkjets feature 6 colors (CMYK + White + Gloss) and an integrated contour cutter that together produce rich, textured graphics in virtually any shape on a wide range of flexible and rigid media. The VersaUV is ideal for applications ranging from high-end packaging prototypes and comps to control panels, specialty graphics and small lot production of labels and decals.

"The new Roland Texture System Library makes it easier than ever to enhance VersaUV graphics with unique textures and patterns," said T. Niyama Roland DG color product manager. "With the new system, users simply select a texture or pattern from the swatch library and apply it to their graphics for instant, dramatic effects."

Roland Texture System Library Features:

- Patterns and textures add value to finished graphics
- Choose from 22 unique designs including ginkgo, rhombus, circular, windmill and woven patterns
- Textures are produced quickly and easily
- Library developed by Grapac Japan Co., Inc., a leading UV offset printer serving the high-end Japanese market
- Supported by popular design software programs including Adobe® Illustrator*1
   - Library is called Roland Grapac Bri-o-coat Library in Adobe® Illustrator

*1 Compatible version of the software: CS/CS2/CS3

Sample Roland Texture System Library Swatches

Sample Roland Texture System Library Swatches

(From left to right: ginkgo, rhombus, circular, windmill and woven patterns)
Gloss textures and patterns are easy to produce and add sophistication to VersaUV graphics

VersaUV LEC-330 and LEC-300

The DPI award-winning VersaUV series is the world's first line of UV-LED inkjet printer/cutters. Two models are available: the original LEC-300, offered at a lower price point, and the new, faster LEC-330 for greater overall performance and versatility. The VersaUV line supports a wide range of flexible and rigid substrates (except metals) up to 1 mm (0.04") thick*2 and is ideal for the production of labels, decals, POP displays and posters. The VersaUV prints on semi-rigid sheet stocks such as card stocks for folding cartons and thicker polycarbonate sheets for membrane switch applications. It also accommodates offset paper stock, BOPP, PE and PET film for highly accurate proofs, prototypes and comps. The VersaUV can also be used to create original patterns and 3D domed corporate logos directly onto synthetic and natural leathers. Other applications include interior décor items such as customized window coverings and tapestries.

*2 For best results, professionals should test print VersaUV graphics on each substrate before production.

Roland VersaWorks® Professional Color Management RIP Software

The VersaUV series includes Roland VersaWorks color management RIP software, developed exclusively for Roland inkjet devices. In addition to the new Roland Texture System Library, feature-rich VersaWorks supports Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology for exceptional image quality and the Roland Color System for precision spot color matching. With VersaWorks, users can print swatch books and color charts, reference tools that make communication with clients easier. VersaWorks also estimates the ink usage and print time for each graphic so users can accurately monitor production time and costs. The Roland@NET auto update service allows easy, automated access to updated VersaWorks versions and ICC profiles. VersaWorks works on Windows Vista® and 2000/XP.

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