Corporate History

Since the founding of our company, we have pioneered new manufacturing processes based on unique digital technologies that control the XYZ axes or lateral, longitudinal, and vertical movement. Originally applied to the development of pen plotters for designing and drafting applications, our product line soon evolved to include cutting plotters which replaced the pen with a cutter. Both of these product lines were based on our control technology for the XY axes. The Roland DG line of output devices eventually grew to include color printers equipped with inkjet heads and cutters, and 3D milling machines that controlled the XY and Z axes.

Today, our main line-up of products consists of wide-format inkjet printers that support a variety of industries including the sign industry and machine tools such as milling machines and engraving devices designed to streamline manufacturing processes.

In order to meet evolving customer demands and anticipated market growth, we remain committed to expanding the ways in which our customers can transform their imaginations into reality. This concept is expressed in our mission statement and serves as the foundation for our product development initiatives.

Growing with societal shifts and needs through our core technologies

Corporate History
  • Our core technology

    Technology for controlling lateral (X axis), longitudinal (Y axis), and vertical (Z axis) positions.

    Our core technology

Societal shifts

Advances in computer technologies and digitalization of information


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