Basic Policy on Sustainability

Roland DG's mission is to achieve a more affluent society by serving as the link between the rapidly evolving digital world and actual people’s lives, as well as providing tools and services aimed at broadening the potential of their creativity.

We set the basic policy on sustainability under which it gives top priority to firmly establish the corporate foundation and sustainably maximize corporate value. In order to achieve that, the Company positions customer value as the most important management issue, and strengthens its ability to provide new value to existing customers by promoting innovations, and to create promising markets by seizing new opportunities for growth.

In order to resolve these issues, it is important for us to foster the employee engagement and their abilities to create an environment in which innovation can occur through the fusion and aufheben (sublation) of diverse values. We will go one step ahead of sustainability issues, including fair and appropriate treatment of the workforce, caring for their health and working environment, and create corporate value through enhancing employee engagement and diversity.

As to shareholder value, we will secure technological uniqueness and the blue ocean markets by refining the creativity of combining the latest digital technology with our core technology of XYZ axis control technology and the marketing ability to develop a niche market utilizing the global network. At the same time as establishing a competitive advantage in the business, we will improve long-term profitability and capital efficiency by implementing optimal capital policies and financial strategies after accurately identifying the company’s cost of capital.

As a public company, we recognize that it is our duty to comply with laws and regulations and fulfill our social responsibilities. Under one of our slogans, "cooperative enthusiasm," we engage in CSR activities such as effective use of resources and reduction of environmental impact in accordance with our Code of Conduct, and are working to build a relationship of mutual trust with our stakeholders in order to enhance our corporate value by collaborating with them. With regard to issues related to sustainability, we will clarify our priorities and proactively address them after carefully examining the impact on corporate value in terms of both risks and opportunities.

Strategy Map related to Basic Policy on Sustainability

Strategy Map related to Basic Policy on Sustainability

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