Management Policy

Basic Management Policies

Basic Management Policies: Creativity/Best/Enthusiasm
  • We have focused our efforts on developing digital technologies and providing creative devices that make it possible for our customers around the world to Transform Imagination into Reality, based on our vision. With the rapid advances of digitalization, our customers needs are growing more advanced and diverse, and it is critical to proactively and rapidly develop new technologies to support these needs. We believe that we can gain the trust of our customers, developing together, not by simply aiming to achieve greater sales volume, but by supplying high quality products and services.

    Led by this philosophy, we are working to create a unified operation system, consisting of our sales and development functions and affiliated companies, with the common mission of collecting customer information and developing new products. We are constantly launching development projects, which continually share information and generate awareness as they strive to develop products based on new research themes.

    At the same time, the results of this high value development work must be commercialized using optimal production systems. We consider improving quality and production efficiency our greatest missions as a manufacturer, and are dedicated to develop our structures and systems. Our Digital Cell (digitally-controlled cell production system), which fully leverages IT equipment, has reduced lead time and ensured reliability in quality.

    We consider the effort we put into this manufacturing to be one of the joys of creation, and will continue to engage in proactive, unified company operations in the future.

Target Management Benchmarks

  • We are firm in our belief that customer and shareholder trust can be created through stable corporate growth. We have set as our basic targets an annual net sales growth rate of 10% or more, and an operating profit to net sales of 10% or more, focusing on our core group-wide business activities from the perspective of global management.

    The group formulated a five-year medium-term business plan from FY 2016 to FY 2020. The period until the final fiscal year (fiscal year ending December 31, 2020) has been positioned as a transitional period toward a new growth stage, and emphasis is placed on changing the business portfolio and enhancing operational effectiveness. The performance goals for FY 2020, the final fiscal year, include consolidated net sales of 46,000 million yen, consolidated operating profit of 4,500 million yen, and ROE of 12 %.

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Medium to Long Term Business Strategy and Issues to be Addressed

  • Our group has continued to grow by creating high value-added markets globally based on color & 3D digital control technology. In the medium-term business plan from FY 2016 to FY 2020, we are working on creating new markets in response to the maturing of mainstay markets. In addition, we will reform our solutions while responding to structural changes of the digital network society aggressively, and change the business portfolio for sustainable growth.

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  • Business Fields to be Focused on

    We are aiming to grow our business through a consistent implementation of selection and concentration of focus fields in which we can bring out our strengths to develop niche and highly value-added business. Specifically, we further clarified allocation of management resources by dividing our business into three areas: 1.“DP (Digital Printing) Business,” which focuses on the four markets of Signage (sign and display printing), Retail, Multi-Use Printing, and Textiles; 2. “COTO Business,” which has been developed from retail to provide solutions to retail businesses and service businesses that capture needs for personalized goods; and 3.“DGSHAPE Business,” which targets the 3D digital fabrication and dental markets, whereby we work to expand growth areas and create new markets.

  • Response to Changes of Markets and Customer Needs

    Considering value creation and market creation as the core of growth, flexibility to market changes including diversification of customer needs is critical. Based on our group-wide corporate structure, which enables speedy responses to changes, we will aggressively invest in our core technology innovation, and realize sustainable growth by looking to ICT (Information Communication Technology) and transforming to a solutions provider that offers everything that generates customer values as “services.”

  • Response to Maturing of Mainstay Markets

    The mainstay sign markets are maturing in line with the widespread use of inkjet printers. Through introduction of products with superiority and differentiation, creation of business opportunities for customers via development of various other usages and the strengthening of solution proposals, we will focus on maximizing customer value, while also leveraging our global sales network to create strong customer bases with the intent of creating profitable and continuous business models.

  • Strengthening organization management system

    For niche and highly value-added market creation, we are required to capture the changing needs of society or individuals rather quickly and promote flexible business activities under the direction of strong leaders with entrepreneurship. We have adopted a divisional organization system for organizational management of each focus field since September 2018, to realize swift market creation with speedy decision-making that accurately grasps market changes.

  • Strengthening R&D and Production Structure

    In terms of the structure behind R&D and production, our company thinking is based in the “digital factory” concept, which ensures speedy and effective development and production by sharing 3D data company-wide as well as suppliers. Multiple products are realized by concurrent engineering, and assembled with cell production system which is optimized for low-volume, high-variety production work.
    Furthermore, we are currently aggressively conducting research and development investment to strengthen our technological base in order to respond to rapid changes in the market environment and the diversification of needs. Through unique technological proposals taking advantage of our core technologies, we will advance the creation of additional customer value and high value-added markets.
    In production and procurement, we aim to improve cost competitiveness and production lead times through our two bases at the domestic plant and the Thai plant, at the same time strengthen our capabilities to respond to changes in demand for the realization of further optimization.

  • Improving Business Sustainability

    As part of our natural disaster preparedness, we are striving to improve the continuity of our business activities through means such as multi-faceted review of BCP (business continuity planning) that includes supply chains, and decentralization of risk. We are implementing the latter by extending our production system across plants in Japan and Thailand, and by promoting overseas parts procurement.

  • Environmental Protection

    We are taking a number of initiatives to ensure the protection of the environment. This includes considering environmental impact during product development, preparing our facilities to prevent contamination, efforts to reduce energy consumption, and company-wide education on efficient usage and recycling of materials. Going forward, we will continue to make sustainable environmental efforts that can contribute to development of a sustainable society.

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  • Enhancing Corporate Governance and Strengthening Internal Control

    As a listed company, corporate governance is our responsibility to society, and to realize this, we must strengthen the internal control of our company. We have set “Basic Policies on the Internal Control System” as sought by the Companies Act and maintain a risk management structure. Furthermore, regarding internal control for financial reports as instituted by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, we are planning structural and organizational measures to ensure the appropriateness of such reports in accordance with the above basic policy.
    Furthermore, “Japan’s Corporate Governance Code” has been applied to companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange from June 2015. While understanding the purpose and spirit of this code fully and enhancing corporate governance, we will strive for sustainable growth and the increase of corporate value over the medium to long term through active dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc., by establishing the “Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders”.