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In Response to the Chinese RoHS Directive

Dear Roland users:

Thank you very much for using Roland products. We appreciate your support and remain committed to serving you with exceptional products that meet the highest standards for quality, performance and safety.

The Chinese RoHS directive was issued March 1, 2007, outlining new labeling and disclosure guidelines for products that contain chemicals that impact the environment. In response to this important directive, Roland is implementing the following measures:

1.On a gradual basis, Roland will expand its labeling for products according to Chinese RoHS guidelines. New product labels with key safety information will be introduced on a global basis. These labels have no impact on product performance, quality or packaging dimensions.

2.Roland will record the presence or absence of the six substances specified by the Chinese RoHS directive in the user's manual of each product.

3.Roland will add a recycle mark to all product packaging.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

Roland DG Corporation

New Product Labeling and Safety Information

"Environmentally Safe Period" Label

For most products, this label will be attached directly to the product near the serial plate. If the product is not large enough to accommodate the label, it will appear in the user's manual.

  • Environmentally Safe Period Label

    Environmentally Safe Period Label

    The number in the center of the label represents the product's environmentally safe period.
    The circular arrows indicate that the product is recyclable. In this example, the product is environmentally safe for 10 years.

    *The "environmentally safe period" is defined as the time period in which the product will not seriously impact the environment when used under ordinary conditions. The environmentally safe period does not represent or guarantee the product lifespan.

Disclosure of toxins and other harmful substances

In accordance with the Chinese RoHS Directive, the following environmental safety check list will be displayed in the user's manual of each product, focusing on six designated substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, and PBDE)

The sample chart below indicates the presence or absence of these substances.

Component Environmental Safety Check List
(Cr (VI))
Print substrate x o x o o o
Box & chassis x o o o o o

*An "o" mark is present wherever the levels of the substance are within the guidelines established by the Chinese RoHS Directive. An "x" mark indicates that the substance in question exceeds the limits stipulated by the directive.
**The sample chart above is printed in English; Actual safety charts in the user's manual will be printed in Chinese.

  • Recycle Mark on the Package

    Recycle Mark on the Package

    The following recycle mark will appear on external product packaging which is comprised of recyclable corrugated board.

    *CB means corrugated board.