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Imagine. Design. Create. Roland JWX-30 Wax Master Modeling Solution Features Powerful JewelStudio Design Software


Hamamatsu, Japan, April 3, 2008 — Roland DG Corporation, a pioneer of advanced digital technologies, today announced the new JWX-30 wax master modeling solution featuring powerful 3D jewelry design software. The JWX-30 with bundled JewelStudio software is a complete solution that allows designers to transform their concepts into high-quality 3D digital drawings that clients can review from every angle. From these files, the JWX-30 automatically creates exceptional quality wax models that reflect much higher precision than traditional hand-made techniques for beautifully crafted rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks.

"Digital technology enhances a jeweler's creativity, precision and communication with clients and makes it easier than ever to produce high-quality wax master models in-house," said Toshihide Yahiro, Roland jewelry solution manager. "With JewelStudio design software, jewelry designs appear on screen with striking realism, allowing clients to rotate them at any angle to review the top, sides, back and bottom. This flexibility allows professionals to modify and finalize designs together with their clients for the ultimate in customer satisfaction. In addition, the exact data viewed on screen can be reproduced as a wax master model. The JWX-30 places this unprecedented efficiency, precision and flexibility within the reach of jewelers everywhere."

Powerful Design Software

The JWX-30 includes Roland JewelStudio jewelry design software, developed specifically for jewelry designers and goldsmiths. JewelStudio allows designers to use their hand drawn sketches to create precision 3D electronic renderings of their designs. Users can also create original digital designs quickly and intuitively, with full creative flexibility, by following simple step-by-step instructions. The software offers a host of features including GemStudio, an extensive digital library of gem stones featuring varying shapes, sizes and types of gems that can be added to designs with a single click of the mouse. Modifying and resizing designs is just as easy. The Automatic Pave feature allows jewelers to choose the type and number of gems to be placed automatically on the jewelry's surface in a dimensionally accurate pattern for beautiful results. Designers may also manually place the stones if desired, offering maximum creative flexibility.

Once the design is completed, the model can be displayed on screen and rotated easily, giving professionals and their clients a clear, accurate preview of the final product.

Automated, Precise In-House Modeling

The JWX-30 3D milling machine is designed for precision jewelry wax master model production. As an in-house production tool, the JWX-30 automates laborious, time-consuming tasks such as replicating left and right earrings and reducing model weight to meet stringent client demands. The JWX-30 delivers consistent, reliable results for finished models that reflect the highest levels of detail and accuracy.

The JWX-30 is designed for speed and versatility, allowing jewelers to create complex models without the hours of hand labor, eye-strain and stiff muscles associated with manual production processes. As a result, the JWX-30 allows professionals to increase their productivity, achieve greater profitability, keep their propriety design concepts securely in-house, and focus on the more rewarding creative aspects of their craft.

Roland JewelStudio Design Software and JWX-30 Wax Master Modeling Solution Features:

‐ Roland JewelStudio easy-to-use, feature-rich design software
   ‐ Enables jewelry designers to produce original digital designs quickly and intuitively with full creative flexibility
   ‐ Simple step-by-step instructions guide users through the design process
   ‐ Uses hand-drawn sketches to create 3D electronic renderings
   ‐ GemStudio feature includes an extensive digital library of gems in varying shapes, sizes and types
   ‐ Automatic Pave feature places a specified number of gems of chosen size and shape on the jewelry's surface in a dimensionally accurate pattern
   ‐ The on-screen model can be tilted and rotated for viewing at any angle, allowing designers and clients to preview every aspect of the design before production
   ‐ Intuitive editing tools allow easy, fast modification of designs
   ‐ High-resolution designs reproduce exceptional quality wax master models for beautiful results
‐ JWX-30 3D milling machine quickly and accurately produces a wide variety of intricate wax master models for rings, pendant heads, bracelets, broaches, earrings and cufflinks
‐ Digital modeling is faster and more precise than manual techniques for increased productivity and profits
‐ Easy-to-use jigs securely hold wax cubes and tubes in place
‐ Facilitates unattended production of single or multiple wax master models from the most complex designs
‐ On-site modeling solution keeps proprietary designs securely in-house
‐ Increased productivity allows professionals to focus time and resources on creative processes

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