Roland DG's video outlining service vision

Making a Video that Envisions the Future of Roland DG Services

03/29/2023 Corporate Activities, Digital Printing

Roland DG has released a video that conveys our vision for customer services and support. We interviewed the creators and a service engineer who were involved in the video production to ask them about their thoughts and behind-the-scenes stories of making the video.

Watch the video here.

TASKO’s unique video production approach

For our video production, we collaborated with TASKO Inc., a company that specializes in stage production, machinery production, art, design, and management. They have unique creative and technical strengths that they bring to the table with their highly specialized team.
We spoke with Yosuke Oda, who handled the planning and production of the video, and Yukari Yamazaki, who was in charge of project management.
See details of the TASKO Inc.

  • Yosuke Oda

    Yosuke Oda

  • Yukari Yamazaki

    Yukari Yamazaki

Roland DG: Could you tell us how you came to collaborate with us on this video production?

Oda: The collaboration between TASKO and Roland DG began when TASKO provided a Roland DG printer for a special project to create unique design notebooks at MOLESKINE’s trade show. (Event report available here.)
Our collaboration has continued on various projects, including this service vision video and the brand video for the TrueVIS series inkjet printers (watch the video here).

TASKO utilizes Roland DG’s large-format UV printer LEC-330 for in-house production. It is used for various purposes such as store maps, graphics for exhibitions, and signage decoration for events in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.

Can you tell us about the key points that you focused on in the video production?

Oda: At TASKO, we believe in the harmony of digital and analog approaches. For the segment showcasing the Roland DG’s service history, we intentionally avoided digital composites and focused on displaying actual objects. Roland DG provided us with a wealth of valuable resources, such as historical manuals and materials related to their services, which we used to carefully curate a timeline-style display. All photographic materials were printed on the latest inkjet printers to achieve the highest level of image quality and color vibrancy.

A scene from the video shoot preparation

A scene from the video shoot preparation. “Through actual materials, we were able to sense Roland DG’s history that has been going on since 1981. The simulation of the arrangement in advance made the video recording proceed smoothly,” said Yamazaki.

We aimed to showcase global connectivity through the video. How did you depict that in the final output?

Oda: Service engineers from all around the world were featured on the video through ZOOM, and with the thoughtful direction of the video director, we created a video that feels natural even overseas.

Roland DG's video outlining service vision

Could you share your thoughts on the video’s concept and the final result?

Oda: I was impressed by the service engineers who always work with pride and passion, putting the users first. I think it’s very special that the manufacturer created a video spotlighting the service engineers. We expressed this relationship in the video.

Yamazaki: I was impressed by the great relationships among service engineers who help each other through an online community and other means. Everyone was delighted to appear in the video, and it was an honor to capture their vibrant presence in the video.

Video Showcases Service Engineers in the Field

Tasuku Ishii (pictured on the right), who appeared in the video representing Roland DG’s service engineers, reflected on the filming.

Tasuku Ishii (pictured on the right)

Sharing our service vision through video was a new challenge for our company. Can you tell us about your experience participating in the video production as one of the cast members?

Ishii: We believe that many companies now recognize the need for Digital Transformation (DX), and through this video, we were able to clearly communicate the image of our future services to customers. Personally, I was also inspired by the opportunity to exchange ideas with service engineers overseas through a new approach of video production.

Thank you for telling us about the emotions and intentions you put into the video.