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Roland DG Launches Roland DG Assemble, a Production Site Improvement Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers

A cloud-based service imbued with the expertise of our proprietary Digital Yatai production support system

Hamamatsu, Japan, January 25, 2024 – Roland DG Corporation (Headquarters: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan; President, Representative Director: Kohei Tanabe), a global manufacturer and distributor of wide-format inkjet printers for advertising and signage and 3D tools for manufacturing, announced the launch of Roland DG Assemble, a production site improvement solution for small and medium-sized manufacturers. The system went on sale to the general public in Japan on December 12, 2023.

Roland DG Assemble


Roland DG offers products and services that leverage digital technology to expand people’s creative possibilities, and produce a broad range of products in small quantities for unique product lines. In 2000, to help operators digitize and improve such human-centered high-mix, low-volume production, Roland DG developed Digital Yatai, a support system for digitizing and improving production sites. The system allowed operators to go paperless and incorporate IoT to reduce workloads and improve quality and productivity. In the 20-plus years since then, Digital Yatai has continued to evolve, and now contributes to improving the value of workers, administrators, and even entire factories.

To meet the market’s needs, players in the manufacturing industry must be ready to provide a constantly shifting list of an extensive range of products in batches of all sizes, including mass production, and Digital Yatai is characterized by its flexibility in helping companies rise to this challenge. To assist such companies further, Roland DG developed Roland DG Assemble, a Digital Yatai-based cloud service specializing in functions that are easy to use even for first-time users. During the development, Roland DG worked with several companies to test theories and reach improvement solutions tailored to real-world conditions at production sites.


Roland DG Assemble is a production site improvement solution with the following three features.

1. Worker support: Going paperless and incorporating IoT serves many functions, including reducing workloads, preventing human error, and providing educational support. These benefits improve workers’ motivation and skills.

2. Administrator support: Our system leverages data to visualize conditions and problems at production sites at the right times and level of accuracy, and provides tools for analysis and improvements. This allows administrators to shift their attention from administration to improvement, significantly shortening the improvement cycle.

3. Factory value improvement: Our system enhances the flexibility of systems and human resources to prime factories to produce a broad range of products in small quantities and accommodate constantly changing product types and quantities. This enhances the value of factories by enabling them to respond swiftly to market and customer needs.


In over 20 years of operation at our factories, Digital Yatai has proven its effectiveness in improving productivity and quality and reducing indirect labor, labor costs, and in-process inventory. To make Roland DG Assemble even more widely applicable, Roland DG will continue to add solutions and functions beyond assembly, including for cutting, stamping, molding, circuit board mounting, and other methods of component fabrication. Roland DG will launch the service in Japan before providing it to the rest of the world in the near future with the aim to provide solutions for connecting production sites in remote overseas locations. Our goal is to achieve sales of 450 million yen in three years.

Sales Area Sales Method Service Type Price
Japan Direct Cloud service Starting at 50,000 yen/month
(No initial cost)

Through Roland DG Assemble, Roland DG will build a sustainable business model that contributes not only to solving problems at production sites, but also to addressing labor shortages, environmental problems, and other societal issues. With Roland DG Assemble, Roland DG will connect the rapidly advancing digital world with the real world to help achieve a more prosperous society and strive to strengthen the competitiveness and growth potential of our business partners.

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