Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

Given the significant global impact of increasing pollution and environmental destruction, the requirements of environmental laws and regulations worldwide are becoming more demanding than ever.

Roland DG, as a global corporation, has worked to comply with a variety of regulations including the RoHS directive enacted in Europe in 2006 and the REACH regulation, which was entered into force in 2007. The REACH regulation, in particular, is a set of stringent requirements for the control of chemicals. As it requires the management of information on the chemicals contained in parts and materials throughout the supply chain, we have worked to enhance the system of cooperation throughout our supply chain.

Moreover, a system we built during fiscal 2009 for monitoring the latest trends in global laws and regulations and sharing the information obtained has facilitated the real-time exchange of information between Roland DG and its subsidiaries and distributors abroad.

We are currently working to progressively meet the requirements of Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)*. We have already met the GHS requirements in China and Korea, not to mention in Japan, where the deadline for our GHS compliance was the earliest. We will endeavor to ensure compliance in Europe and other regions before their respective deadlines.

We will continue to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations worldwide while building deeper relationships with the suppliers of parts and materials as well as our overseas subsidiaries and distributors, thereby enhancing the system of cooperation in our supply chain.

* Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS): A system for classifying chemicals according to the types and degrees of hazards based on globally harmonized rules, and providing labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) based on those classifications.

Green Procurement

We are also promoting green procurement by progressively increasing the numbers of banned, restricted and controlled chemicals specified in our Green Procurement Guidelines while working to ensure compliance with the REACH regulation and other chemical laws and regulations of different countries. We created and provided the Guidelines (version 8) to our customers.

As part of our effort to meet the REACH regulation, we joined the Joint Article Management Promotion Consortium (JAMP) in fiscal 2006 and are now using the Article Information Sheet (AIS, a universal form recommended by the JAMP for use in the control of chemicals) so as to facilitate the efficient exchange of information on chemicals throughout the supply chain.

*JAMP (Join Article Management Promotion-consortium) : An association for the purpose of promoting suitable management of chemical substances in supply chain products, and smooth information disclosure and transmission , and of contributing to the international competitiveness of industry through reduction of the burden for responding to requests for chemical substance surveys.

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