Together with Employees

Nurturing Human Resources

Roland DG puts the management strategy and business strategy derived from its corporate philosophy and vision into effective practice for the training of human resources capable of generating corporate value, while also accommodating opportunities where each and every employee can maximize their own abilities based on their individual career vision.

Human Resources Training System

A training system has been developed that includes grade-based courses, objective-based courses and selective courses with the aim of boosting employee leadership skills and expertise, as well as supporting their self-development. Grade-based courses are designed for employees to acquire the awareness, knowledge and skills required for each employee rank, while also fostering individuality and independence in line with the management philosophy and standards of behavior. Roland DG implemented multiple-track personnel promotion system for the training of specialists with high levels of expertise in specific fields. Performance assessments and behavioral assessments based on MBO are coordinated with capacity development systems, and feedback received from superiors allows employees to verify this against their own career vision and utilize objective-based courses and self-development programs to build up any areas they are lacking in. Roland DG is also actively engaged in selection training to develop the next generation of leaders.


Transforming Roland DG’s business portfolio and creating new forms of innovation for a new era through DX (digital transformation) calls for the training of personnel who have an eye to the future, equipped with the skills and capabilities for responding in anticipation of potential changes. In fiscal 2022, Roland DG launched an online learning platform available to all employees, including part-time and temporary workers, for studying a wide range of the latest technologies. This platform forms part of Roland DG’s efforts for investing heavily in human resources, with the aim of promoting the development of employees and boosting organizational capabilities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a workplace environment where employees can work in a lively manner and apply their skills to the maximum is considered to be a way of spurring innovation and creating new added value. With this in mind, Roland DG is involved in developing a broad range of activities based on diversity and inclusion.

Promoting Advancement of Women in the Workplace

Roland DG has been focusing on creating a workplace environment that provides female employees greater peace of mind for continuing work, with initiatives such as expanding its support program for balancing work and childcare, and providing better systems around maternity and childcare leave. Following the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, Roland DG has been making greater efforts so female employees can focus on advancing their careers, by rolling out workstyle reforms that providing underlying support for initiatives such as setting targets for increasing the proportion of women in management, raising company-wide awareness, assisting with career development, and improving training for candidates of female managers.

In addition, Roland DG obtained the highest certification "Eruboshi Level 3" based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace as the first in the manufacturing industry in Shizuoka Prefecture with the highest level. Roland DG met the requirements for all five evaluation criteria: "recruitment," "continued employment," "way of working such as working hours," "proportion of women in managerial positions," and "various career options."


  • Average Years of Services:
    FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
    Male employee
    (general, management position)
    14.9 years 15.0 years 15.0 years 14.9 years
    Female employee
    (general, management position)
    11.4 years 10.9 years 11.8 years 11.1 years
    Male employee
    (dedicated manufacturing operator)
    - - 6.0 years 5.0 years
    Female employee
    (dedicated manufacturing operator)
    - 14.3 years 14.0 years 13.1 years
  • Number of Hired New Graduates and Experienced Workers, and Recruitment Competition Rate (excluding dedicated manufacturing operator):
    FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
    Male employee
    (general, management position)
    21 13 20 23
    Female employee
    (general, management position)
    4 6 4 7
    Male employee
    (general, management position)
    12.1x 15.4x 8.4x 12.6x
    Female employee
    (general, management position)
    12.0x 17.1x 9.0x 10.1x

    * Recruitment competition rate is calculated by number recruited / (number of new graduates accepted for first round screening + number of experienced workers accepted for preliminary screening)

  • Number and Percentage of Women in Management Positions:
    FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
    Number of women in management positions 6 6 6 5
    Percentage of women in management positions 6.7% 5.7% 5.7% 5.1%

    * Numbers as of end of December

Promoting Advancement of Persons with Disabilities

Roland DG is aiming to be a company where both healthy people and persons with disabilities can work together to the best of their individual personalities and abilities. The Human Resources Department creates various opportunities that can fully utilize the individual capabilities of persons with disabilities. To help persons with disabilities integrate with work more smoothly, Roland DG encourages specific HR employees to acquire certification as intra-firm workplace coaching assistants (job coach) or workplace and lifestyle consultant for persons with disabilities, and also organizes training sessions for persons with disabilities to acquire business skills and other experience.

Number and Proportion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities
FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Number of persons with disabilities 12 11 12 12
Percentage of employment of persons with disabilities 2.28% 2.15% 2.04% 2.31%

* Numbers as of end of December

Promoting Advancement of Foreign Nationals

Roland DG has grown to include 15 subsidiaries in 14 countries, with overseas sales accounting for almost 90% of its consolidated operating revenue. Even at the head office in Hamamatsu City, Roland DG has forged a corporate culture based on tolerance towards differences in language, culture and religion, and is progressing with a focus on inclusion of foreign workers. Further efforts will continue to be made moving forward, such that diversity like this is applied for generating additional corporate value.

Number of Foreign Nationals:
FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Number of foreign nationals 10 10 9 9

* Numbers are the total of full-time workers and temporary workers at Japanese offices of Roland DG Corporation and DGSHAPE Corporation as of end of December

Promoting Advancement of Retired Persons

Roland DG has developed a system that provides the opportunity of continued employment up to the age of 65 years old to workers who are seeking re-employment after reaching retirement age (60 years old). This not only allows them to continue working by applying their workplace experience, job performance, knowledge and expertise they have developed over the years, but also contributes to training of younger employees, turning implicit knowledge to explicit knowledge and inheriting corporate culture through guidance and support programs, as part of efforts to maintain and bolster corporate value.

Number of Re-Employed Retired Persons:
FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Number of re-employed retired persons 4 12 6 8

* Numbers as of end of December

Workstyle Reform

Roland DG is implementing workstyle reforms with the aim of creating a workplace environment where a diverse range of employees can work in a lively manner with a healthy work and lifestyle balance. Roland DG has developed a more flexible approach to work with more efficient use of time and location, and have created a workplace environment where a diverse range of employees are able to continue working by not only encouraging employees to take paid leave, but also being made available the flextime system, the work-from-home program and the hour-based paid leave system, etc.

General Position, Average Hours of Overtime:
FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
General position, average hours of overtime 15.37hours 14.3hours 8 hours 18 hours
Average Rate of Taken Paid Leave:
FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Average rate of taken paid leave 79.45% 67.57% 70% 83%

Childcare and Nursing Support

To ensure that employees are able to raise their children with peace of mind, Roland DG has developed a childcare leave system that is available up until children turn two years old, as well as a parental shortened working time system where employees can work for around six hours a day until the end of the fiscal year that their children are in third grade elementary school. Support is also available for employees who need to provide nursing care while working, with the nursing care leave system that can be used for up to one year, and the nursing care shortened working time system that allows for shortened working times.

  • Discussion on childcareDiscussion on childcare
  • Seminar on family nursing careSeminar on family nursing care

Occupational Safety Management

Roland DG acknowledges that protecting the safety and health of employees is its highest priority challenge. Under the initiative of the Health and Safety Committee, surveys are conducted of dangerous and hazardous conditions throughout the workplace followed by deliberation of appropriate measures, causes of work-related injuries are identified and measures put in place to prevent them from recurring, and safety and health-related activities are planned and proposed. Company-wide efforts are made to ensure that every employee is assured a safe and healthy place to work in by continuously implementing PDCA activities for implementation, evaluation, and improvement of the plan.

Number of Occupational Accidents:
FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Number of occupational accidents 2 2 3 2

Maintaining and Promoting Health

Health nurses are stationed at Roland DG workplaces to help maintain and promote health and provide mental health care.
In addition to health checkups held once a year, employees aged 35 years or older are encouraged to have thorough physical examinations. Employees who have accrued more than 80 hours of overtime work in a month are checked up by an industrial physician, and employees with a high risk of adult-onset diseases are provided with individual health support and guidance by a health nurse.

As a way of addressing mental health Roland DG regularly gives consideration to the health of employees such as Stress checks, individual interviews and support with health nurse are also available during health checkups.

Pursuing Employee Satisfaction

Employees being able to work in a lively manner boosts the level of satisfaction of all stakeholders, and in turn leads to enhanced corporate value and brand value. One of Roland DG's corporate slogans is "Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity." In light of this, Roland DG considers it essential to cherish open-minded imagination free of conventional constraints, as well as creating an environment that inspires and motivates each and every employee to harness the full potential of their diverse capabilities. Roland DG runs an employee satisfaction survey once every year to identify the best possible approach to human resources and corporate culture for delivering creativity and innovative value, and applies the results in various types of action to boost employee engagement.

Results of Employee Satisfaction Survey (maximum score of 5):
FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019
Employee satisfaction level 3.40 3.40 - 3.17

Human Rights

Roland DG respects the rights of each and every employee, and is committed to creating a workplace environment with no unjustifiable discrimination that ensures freedom based on race, religion, nationality, gender, age and other qualities.

Preventing Harassment

So that each and every employee is respected as an individual and is able to work with peace of mind without facing any form of harassment, Roland DG's working regulations clearly prohibit harassment, and to prevent any incidents from occurring, the regulations outline the swift and appropriate measures that are taken in the event that an incident does occur. Initiatives are developed to raise awareness amongst employees, and all company employees are required to take an education course once a year to prevent harassment. An internal and external harassment hotline has also been established in order to implement swift and appropriate measures if necessary.

Preventing Child Labor and Slave Labor

Roland DG is expanding business on a global scale, and is committed to the appropriate management of human resources based on the laws of countries and regions where overseas subsidiaries are located as well as its own internal regulations. Incidents involving child labor and slave labor have not occurred throughout the Roland DG Group.

Respecting Basic Labor Rights

Roland DG is in constant communication with labor unions as part of efforts to resolve a range of problems that can occur between labor and management. Members of executive management participate in labor-management consultations that are held every month for exchanging ideas and information. Roland DG has favorable relations with labor unions and is committed to maintaining sound labor-management relations.

Initiatives at Group Companies

Roland Digital Group(Thailand)Ltd.

Peace of mind for employees and protection of their mental and physical health are core principles of business activities conducted at Thailand subsidiary Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd. To achieve this, every effort is being taken to create a safe and lively workplace for all.

When manufacturing was transferred from the Miyakoda factory in Hamamatsu, Japan in fiscal 2021, there were concerns over the heightened risk of accidents or disasters due to the increase in the production models and volume as well as the greater number of employees. In light of this, efforts have been made to enhance the risk assessments as a priority, in order to identify and reduce the underlying risks associated with work.

Risk assessments

Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd. has appointed a safety officer who conduct risk assessment activities. The safety officer is equipped with the required fundamental knowledge and skills for identifying, estimating and assessing potential risks, and implementing the appropriate measures as a way of preventing unexpected industrial accidents. In addition to the conventional assessments related to facilities, the scope of assessments was expanded from fiscal 2021 to encompass chemical substances management including ink, with the aim of preventing a broader range of risks in a proper manner. External audits have been conducted anew from this fiscal year by independent organizations. Responding properly to risks that are unforeseeable with internal checks, and making improvements with corrective actions and following them up are part of initiatives toward creating a workplace free of industrial accidents.

Routine for promoting safety culture

Efforts are being made by Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd. to focus on promoting safety culture through activities related to safety and health. It understands that integrating the 5S principle (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) is the key to ensuring safety throughout the workplace. To achieve this, all employees set aside five minutes every morning before starting work as a way of cutting down wasteful movement and preventing unexpected accidents or problems from occurring.

Signboards and floor signs have been produced internally using the company’s own printers, outlining at a glance the specific actions that each employee should take—this ensures that order and discipline are always maintained at workplaces.
Kiken Yochi Training (KYT: Training for hazard prediction) and Quality Problem Yochi Training (QYT: Training for quality problem prediction) have continued to be implemented from fiscal 2020—these give employees the opportunity to contemplate common risks and problems and discuss them with others, as a way of boosting the sensitivity toward risks by each and every employee.
A number of unique songs created by Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd. are played daily on a rotating basis when conducting 5S activities, and KYT/QYT activities involve team-based competitions to generate a game-like mood. These are part of efforts to integrate safety with an element of fun, making the most of the Thai peoples’ love of anything related to entertainment.

As a result of implementing these initiatives, Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd. has achieved the milestone of zero minor and major workplace accidents to date through fiscal 2022. With these efforts, Roland Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd. has been recognized throughout society as a company striving to improve and maintain excellent health and safety standards, including earning the highest award in health and safety audits conducted by the Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (T-OSH) in fiscal 2022.

  • Risk assessment trainingRisk assessment training
  • DGT on Big Cleaning DayDGT on Big Cleaning Day

Roland DGA

At Roland DGA Corporation, Roland DG’s U.S.-based marketing, distribution and sales arm, we prioritize positive company culture and believe that happy, engaged employees, help cultivate happy, engaged customers. Below are some of the ways in which DGA tries to create fulfillment, inclusion and collaboration in our workplace.


Fulfillment is the satisfaction that results from someone achieving some desirable thing in their life. In the workplace, that desirable thing often relates to development of one’s skills, career advancement, or engaging in a meaningful activity.
DGA supports employees developing their individual skills by encouraging and paying for employees to attend trainings and certifications in their given fields or leadership trainings at a local university. We also provide employees with a subscription to LinkedIn Learning to develop their skills flexibly, regardless of time or location.
We also foster career development through “Career Interviews.” Under this program, every employee gets to meet with a member of DGA’s Sr. Management team to discuss their career goals. From there, DGA explores different ways to help the employee pursue those career goals. Career advancement can be a challenge at DGA due to our size and streamlined operations. One thing we do is to give priority to existing employees over outside candidates whenever new positions open.
In the workplace, meaningful activity ranges from having genuine and fun relationships with colleagues to helping in our local communities or at charities. DGA has an events committee that hosts fun events throughout the year to encourage personal interactions amongst employees. We have a BASE team that hosts quarterly social events that creatively reinforce our core values and celebrate employees that have best exemplified those core values. We have a social responsibility committee that hosts events that support causes or charities that are important to our employees.

  • DGA team enjoying watching a baseball gameDGA team enjoying watching a baseball game
  • Celebrating Halloween in costumeCelebrating Halloween in costume


At DGA, we strive to be inclusive of individuals from all walks of life. It is important to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe to not only express themselves, but to also share any feedback or concerns. DGA fosters this by such simple things like periodic employee surveys, quarterly all-employee meetings, or even the Career Interview program mentioned above. Roland DGA values opportunities for dialogue with its employees and strives to eliminate all caste-like system and create the workplace without barriers in order to create a workplace where all-employee can work comfortably.


Collaboration is a natural outflow of a healthy company culture, and the inclusiveness mentioned above. We actively try to avoid working in silos. We encourage employees of various levels from different departments to work together. We have monthly meetings where managers from all departments provide updates about their departments and brainstorm together. We have created cross-departmental “tiger teams” to take on special projects throughout the year.
In closing, the importance of a positive company culture cannot be overstated. A positive culture is a continual work in progress which requires us to constantly revisit our policies and programs. By making culture one of our top priorities, DGA can quickly adapt and create the best environment for success. These efforts have been highly evaluated by employees, and Roland DGA has been named as a “Best Workplace” by the Orange County Business Journal almost every year.

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